Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Undercutting: First Try

After contemplating this through 2013 and into now, I finally decided to take the plunge and give myself an undercut. I tried to wait till Thursday, but I wanted time to be able to fix the edges behind my ear.

I wasn't inspired by the fact it was trendy. (When do I ever do anything trendy?) Trends tend to bore me.

Okay, maybe I was just a little bit inspired by Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in Män som hatar kvinnor. I love her as Lisbeth!

Anyway... When I get tired of my hair down on the left side of my face, I tend to flip it over to the right and leave it. I don't know why I do it; I just do. I also do it when I'm in the car and the windows are down, thus causing my hair to blow into my face. Not fun.

Before I made my final decision, I made a pros/cons list. I took different factors into account, pictured in my head how it would look (about 3 to 5 times), and what fun things I could do. Here's the list...

  • Less hair to trim/bleach/dye
  • Less dye used up
  • Less hair to tuck into a wig cap
  • Can flip hair over to "hide"
  • Can have a funky dye job! (Like leopard print)
  • Less hair to deal with in the summer
  • Less hair to push back/hold back with headbands and clips to wash face
  • Less hair getting tangled in danging earrings (ouch!)
  • Awkward growing out phase
  • No Victory Rolls
  • The fuzzy bits everywhere from trimming
When I did it, I screwed up. I didn't cry about it, it grows back. It doesn't bother me. It might be a few weeks or a month before it grows to a more even length. I had no intention to go to scalp like I did. Oops.

Luckily, all the hair on the other side can be flipped over to hide it ~
Obviously, if you're contemplating this plunge, your list will probably differ. I highly recommend thinking this over before you do it. I asked for Ze Boyfriend's opinion, because I wanted to know if he was going to completely hate my hair the entire time it grew out. According to him, he is now unfazed by anything I do to my hair but he will certainly tell me if it's pretty/looks okay or suggest a color to use on my hair (yay!). If you can afford a salon, go to one. I would suggest looking up photos to bring to the salon and tell the stylist how far you want the undercut to go. I really didn't want mine to go too far back, especially since I was doing this by myself at home. It would bother me to have a big chunk of hair missing and would be more troublesome to cover up.

What do you think of the undercut style/trend? I cannot get over it on men. (Yummy Adam Levine ♡ ) It's so clean and looks so good.
Still not a fan of the shaved-to-scalp look but I'll live ~
Update: So a short time later, I went back with the beard trimmer and shaved away the longer areas so it's evened out. It should grow back evenly so I can get it the right length.


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