Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Black Berry

Thanks to Ulta having a massive 40% off sale, I was able to get this lip pencil for only $2.09 (regularly $3.49).

I was torn between their Slim pencil and the Retractable one. I dislike retractable pencils, they seem to break for me often... Or maybe it was just that particular eyeliner.

This is the first time I'm buying a lip pencil from NYX and I was really pleasantly surprised! I'm not a fan of retractable pencils but at the same time, I'm also not a fan of regular wood pencils. I don't know; they seem to be iffy to me. Maybe it's just a brand thing.

NYX's selection of colors is quite impressive, offering both black and a large range of browns along with a myriad of "regular" colors. (Is it just me or is that orange really orange looking?) The selection is great, if you need colored lip pencils. There isn't a clear option here however, so look elsewhere!

Super creamy despite being wooden! Is it just me or do wooden pencils seem harder in therms of their product?
Slim Lip Pencils are, well, slim wooden pencils. A black plastic cap and a colored tip on the opposite end tell you what color you're grabbing. The pencil is covered in information, something very typical of NYX.
I know the photo makes it quite brown looking, but it's not brown.
This particular pencil is Black Berry and despite it's name, it is a true black with a matte finish (blackberries are more purple than true black). The photographed swatch makes it look brown-black, but I don't detect any brown in real life. It could easily pass for eyeliner with how intense it is! It's incredibly creamy and glides without applying pressure, pulling or dragging. It will melt very easily when touched to the skin, which leads to it's easy glide. I am in love! Too bad I'm too lazy to actually match my lipstick and liner.

If you need a cheap lip liner in a jam, NYX could really save you! These pencils are $3.50 at NYX, $3.49 at Ulta. I do recommend them, their almost daunting selection (do they have enough pinks? I don't think they have enough pinks!) and the creamy formula makes it a great budget lip liner.


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