Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A (sort of) Introduction

This is literally a sort of introduction. Its not even a real introduction in my opinion. I've only been a reader, never a blogger. What does one say in their first post? I guess I should tell you what you'll find if you actually stay and read my posts (when I make them, that is).

Here's some real info about me, aside from the weird lovely words I left in my "About Me" section (you can thank Ze Boyfriend for that)... I really love makeup. A lot of people say I don't need it. I don't wear it because I need it, I wear it because I enjoy the application and artistry that goes into it. My favorite looks tend to be very "extreme." For me, its another art-outlet. I normally do drawings, rarely ever paint anything but fabric and I also do DIY stuff for me. Makeup was only another adventure I wanted to go into and I can say, its been a successful one so far. People have asked for my help in makeup application, have given comments such as I'm "really good." Its certainly fueled my personal work. I am not, nor claim to be, a makeup artist. I'm just someone with lots of time on their hands with a lot of imagination to work with. I like doing makeup, and I like working with it. Its all just fun for me.

I'll post the looks I really like and that I think are worthy of the Interwebs. I'll do tutorials for looks. I'll do swatches and reviews of products I already own and products I love to use daily, as well as products I'm interested in. I'll also post my DIY stuff and include any links to tutorials if I used one or I'll make a tutorial for it. I will also post any art I've been working on or really love. I might do the occasional YouTube video, for looks that need a more visual video tutorial that can't be explained in words alone. Might do giveaways too. I haven't exactly figured that out yet (haha).

A very big part of this blog will be about me changing my hair color. Its a subject I always enjoy helping people with and advising on, though I am definitely not a hairstylist! I'll talk more about my hair in another post, as well as my skin and makeup. If there's anything you ever want me to review or swatch, just ask!

Here are some brands I just won't do/can't do:
  • MAC - They're quite expensive, pretty overhyped and they got a huge backlash from the makeup community when they started to do animal testing in 2012.
  • CHANEL - Honestly, I can't afford CHANEL! Its a luxury brand for a reason, and I know two lovely blogs that do review CHANEL products.
  • Dior - Same reason as above, I can't afford it! They also don't put out products that really catch my attention.
  • NARS - I like NARS, but their products don't speak to me enough that I'd buy them consistently. They also tend to have the most duped colors. (Talking about you, Orgasm.)
  • YSL - Oh god, I would LOVE to review YSL but its another one of the brands I can't afford and the products don't all speak to me. I do love their tiny potted blushes, just so cute!
  • tarte - I do adore tarte products but their prices? $40 for a tube of foundation! Kill me now!
I also won't be doing nail polish swatches, since my nails are pretty ugly sadly. I might review perfume, since I do get a lot of perfume samples, heehee. I love perfume so much, its kinda sad.

By the way, the background and these colors are all temporary! Just until I make myself a background. I hope to have my first reviews and things up soon. I also hope I get readers... Worst thing ever: to spend my time using a product, determining if I like it or not, and then writing up a review and taking photos only for no one to read what I write. That would suck.

I'm done rambling now, and if you really sat through all of this and want to stick with me, thank you. I appreciate it.


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