Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick note to you readers...

I have to take a small break from the blog, mainly from taking photos for reviews. The reason is because I strained my elbow Saturday and today, doing two reviews, taking photos, cropping them and all the typing I did has actually made it hurt to do my everyday activities. Even now typing this hurts. This doesn't mean that it will be silent for long.

I have an FOTD and a sort of video "tutorial" that should be up this weekend. I wanted to do it this past weekend but I couldn't because of small distractions and other problems. I wish I could have had it posted this weekend! I hope you all like what I have planned and I know what you all are looking at (I have a view count for posts so I know what's popular). I have one request: would you please leave comments? I want to hear from you! Even if they aren't in English! I know I have a relatively tiny amount of readers in Germany, thanks to the Audience feature. I want to hear what you would like to see or your thoughts on things. I don't want to feel like my efforts are being wasted.

Thank you for understanding. I should have some swatches and reviews up for products I've already used and know well later on, but nothing real big for the time being. No new product usage for now, I ask you be patient for my FOTD and for my elbow to stop hurting. I'm really trying for you, the readers.

(You know, I'm kind of worried that you're laughing at how I look in the Queen Helene Mint Julep review. You all have looked at it a lot.)


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