Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hair Update: The Road to Going Blonde, Pt. 2

It's been two weeks since I did my bleach cap and I'm finished for now.

Magically, I had slight roots! What?!

Despite hair growing 1/2 inch every month (that's the average but it varies obviously), I had roots. It confused me. Thankfully, it didn't affect my bleaching too much. My hair doesn't grow particularly fast in my opinion...

This time around, I opted to do a full bleach rather than a bleach cap. Partly due to these mysterious roots and getting my hair one even tone; bleach caps tend to create unevenness for me. That's okay though! I used coconut oil on my hair prior to bleaching after reading an article by Alyssa on xoVain. Supposedly, coconut oil makes the bleach process faster. For me, it did--20 minutes of processing for most of my hair. Sadly though, I found my scalp burning. Uh... W-T-F? I don't attribute this to the bleach but the coconut oil. Reason being I did a bleach cap (which is diluted but it's still bleach, sitting on your scalp), with a bag covering my head, without issue. To suddenly have burning by changing just one part of my routine makes me think it's the coconut oil!

I'm not sure why this is coming out grey?! It's never happened before.
Soft Kitty shirt bought by Ze Boyfriend.
My hair, as it is, needs a protein treatment and needs a little toning. I'll do those both in two weeks time; might do a bleach cap on the darker blonde-y parts, it just depends how I feel/how my hair feels! I'm going to do coconut oil "masks" soon and will possibly do them one to two times a week or two every month. Just depends on how my hair improves after the protein treatment. ♡ Soon, I'll add a red streak (I don't have enough Nuclear Red for all my ends, eep!) and that's quite simple to do.

Read Pt. 1 here and wait for Pt. 3 patiently, lovely spookettes. (I'm guessing it's mainly a female audience right now, because ladies love to change their hair!)


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