Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random Clothing Review: N7 Bodycon Dress from eBay

This has been sitting here and I'm going to post it. I was looking for cheap leggings on eBay, since I really want galaxy leggings but I was completely sidetracked for bodycon tank dresses.

eshop2098 also offers two galaxy/nebulae dresses alongside this one plus van Gogh's beautiful (but seriously depressing) Starry Night and my favorite ukiyo-e The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

But I didn't buy those. Not one of the galaxy/nebulae prints yet, at least... I won't be buying The Great Wave or Starry Night; not sure how I would wear either one as much as I would love to wear ukiyo-e! Although all black works for everything, right?

Anyway, Ze Boyfriend is actually the one who plays Mass Effect (Tali is so cute and kicks butt) but when I saw this print, I wanted it. It's so effing cool! I've always liked tank dresses but have never actually had a bodycon dress or a tank dress. (Much of my money goes to makeup.) Perfect for summer and I can just put on leggings if I feel the need to. Yay for simplicity ~

I cannot take a good picture this week.
But I readily admit, these are really cheap. Only $9 and some change. These are mainly knock-offs of super-pricey Black Milk. Eh... I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on leggings or bodycon dresses. Nope. Not happening. It would make Ze Boyfriend mad and I'd likely end up with some sort of rip or tear. It happens, even when I'm crazy careful. Ffffffffffffffff... Why are my clothes danger-prone when I try so hard to prevent it?
Close-up of the N7 emblem.
Enough rambling! The dress didn't have any sort of tags on it, aside from washing/care instructions (I'd die without care instructions!). The fabric is actually pretty thick, soft and comfortable; it's quite clingy being a bodycon but holds you in a little bit. Yay! The dress is about mid-thigh length. I'm short, so I'm not that great for measurements. It fits like it should, but the underarm area gapes a bit. It looks awkward but then again, I don't have a huge chest to fix that. The N7 graphic is super sharp and amazing, something I was slightly concerned with. The sharp detail makes it seem more expensive to me. On another note, I don't really know what shoes to wear with this. Argh. Important note: my camera can not pick up the red on this dress. The stripe is actually very bright red, not orange-red. The N7 dress you see in the eBay listing is the dress you get!

I also read an article that was totally ridiculous; it said that bodycons are meant for women with hourglass figures. SAY WHAT? I took a look at Black Milk's models in bodycon dresses--all fairly skinny, somewhat pear-shaped girls. Sometimes flat as a board. Not a single hourglass figure. Not. A. One. I looked at Black Milk's flooded Instagram/customer gallery--those girls are about the same as I am: not hourglasses. The dress emphasizes my hips but I'm going to try to remedy it a little with a good push-up bra! I think just a little bit of cleavage (I have basically none, naturally or with a bra) will help me feel better.

That article just puts people down so hard; it put me down and made me mad. As you can probably tell from my rant.

These dresses are affordable-y (affordably is not a word) sold by eshop2098 for $9.09 with free shipping. Like I said, comfortable dress! Doesn't feel cheap, fairly thick and stretchy fabric. The sharp graphic makes it all the better--I don't know if anyone would be able to spot the difference between the Black Milk and mine! Not that anyone around me knows what Black Milk is. (Please note: the original Black Milk N7 dress has a lower cut scoop in the back than my dress.)

In other news, I attempted to play the Mass Effect game, but got severely frustrated with almost everything. It was like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion all over again. (In Oblivion, I got confused as to where to go, how to fight—XBOX controllers are not my friend, frustrated and eventually gave up.) If I continued to play ME, it would have likely started a fight between Ze Boyfriend and I--he thought I wasn't doing something when I was, complained about the gun I was using but then I didn't know how to switch, etc. It's not to say its not a good game, it's just not a game I could particularly get into.

PS: I'll post photos of me wearing the dress soon. I haven't worn it out yet! Not warm enough, blegh.


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