Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow in Smitten (Limited Edition)



This shade was released to coincide with the release of their brushes in February. I was obsessed. The reason most Sugarpill limited editions pass me by is actually because they're IMATS exclusive (and guess who doesn't live in a state or anywhere near one that hosts IMATS!) or I'm broke. It's usually both, so I sit here silently crying over not being able to get them. Yay for birthdays.

This is my first time using or even owning a full-sized ChromaLust. I have never once used my Sugarpill samples (total weirdo) but this isn't the first time I'm using loose eyeshadow. The key to loose shadows and pigments is very simple: tap the excess powder over the container to reduce fallout and pat the product on, never sweep. Sweeping, like you would with a pressed eyeshadow, results in fallout and can cause the eyeshadow to apply patchy.

ChromaLusts come in a small box with the same look of the pressed shadow boxes, however they lack Miss Kika's artwork. Following suit with past limited editions, Smitten has specially colored packaging. In this case, it's white, pink and light blue. Pretty! Limited edition packaging changes with each product.

Smitten is described as "shimmery hot magenta loaded with reflective sparks." A very vibrant, hot pink-magenta with white shimmer. It does have a faint hint of red to it which makes it vibrant and so pretty. This is a sort of metallic shade with shimmer and glitter added for a pretty pink perfect for Sugarpill. This is noticeably darker than Decora, for anyone who owns Decora and was thinking of buying Smitten. Dollipop doesn't compare either, which is brighter and matte. Magentric, a shade that ran off with my heart, is more purple based than Smitten.
Right applied dry, left applied wet.
Smitten applies beautifully, as a Sugarpill shade should! It's finely milled, resulting in a super silky powder and applies wonderfully. The pigment packs a serious punch for those of you who want a pink that doesn't quite scream but does grab attention in the nicest of ways. You can use this wet or dry, since its loose, it won't harden up like pressed shadow can (yikes!). I used to be pretty good at using shadow wet but now I just fail at it.

Sugarpill's Smitten is a stunner and I'm actually eager to get more of the ChromaLusts! When I can, I might buy one of the trios... ChromaLusts are $12, like the rest of the single eyeshadows. You get a generous amount of product (5 grams/0.17 oz versus 2.26 grams/0.08 oz with OCC's Loose Colour Concentrate at $16) and I honestly don't think I'll ever hit bottom on this. You can check out Smitten here and the rest of the Sugarpill line here.

PS: I don't know if its just me, but USPS holds all my Sugarpill packages for 5 days before they finally get it moving... Every. Single. Time. Why, USPS?! WHY?! It only ever happens with Sugarpill; anything else will just pass right through, no issues.

Anyway, in about two weeks, Ze Boyfriend and I will be doing an unboxing of some Japanese goodies from Oyatsu Cafe. The reason is he ordered Calorie Mate. Yes, that Calorie Mate, the one made famous by Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.


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