Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review: LunatiCK Labs Prime Time Primer

I mentioned that two shades in my two recent LunatiCK palette reviews would do best with a primer.

With the palettes, I received a sample of their Prime Time Primer!

It's somewhat rare that an indie brand offers a primer. I can only name three other brands that offer base or primer products.
My lighting? SO OFF.
Prime Time comes in a small plastic tub with a black lid bearing the LunatiCK Labs logo on a black and white striped sticker. On the bottom is the ingredients sticker. Since this is a little sample, it comes in a clamshell so it's easy to use and try out the primer. (I hate when eyeshadow is put into clamshells! Give me baggies or a tiny jar! Powder eyeshadows + clamshells = messy.)

Prime Time is like NYX's Milk in a jar but it's actually a primer as well as a base! Being that this is in a jar, it means I can use a brush to put it in small areas (like the inner corner) without issues. This is an opaque white that really helps shadows to perform their best, taking weak shadows from sheer to opaque. Shadows adhere and stick well to this! Unlike Milk, this isn't sticky and just a little more slick. It doesn't feel like it could slide off.
Left: applied with mini-concealer brush; right: applied with finger
Left: Ascendant (Relic palette) applied with brush via patting; right: patted with finger.
There are two ways to apply this: with your fingers or a brush. I tried both methods when I tested this with a combination of the Supernatural palette and the Relic palette. With fingers, this goes on sheer white but can be built up without issue. Using a brush (I used a mini-concealer brush to get the inner corners), this went on much more opaque and could be blended out for a sheerer base.
Prime Time Primer; Shades: Invocation (inner corner), Myth (lid), Spook (crease), Ghoulight (outer corner), & Ruins (lower lash line). Went a little crazy with blending but there was actually noticeable variation in the colors. CAMERA! Why do you hate colors? My eyeliner pen is also running out... Excuse that terrible liner.
I had applied Prime Time alone with my fingers all over the lid and up to the brow bone. I switched to the mini-concealer brush to apply it to my inner corner and lower lash line. I wanted a more opaque look on my lids and applied two more layers without removing another layer in the process. I applied eyeshadows on top in a patting motion, since sweeping was a bit difficult on the first shade. It became much easier to sweep and blend as I added shades. I had finished my makeup at 6:42 PM and checked it later at 9:45 PM (approximately 3 hours). Nothing had budged or even creased! The eyeshadow did look a little bit dry but it wasn't noticeable unless I looked closely in the mirror. Later on at 1:53 AM (night owl ~ ), I checked my eyes again. I had a bit of tearing up early and had carefully wiped my eyes as well as gently wiping my lashes and lids; very near to the inner corner, there was a tiny bit of creasing and some very subtle fading on the lid. Overall, it's still an incredible primer. Usually I use Urban Decay Primer Potion (too many tubes of that stuff in my makeup bags!*) and when I dry my eyes for whatever reason, I usually end up wiping away some of my eye makeup with it. Not with this though!

I will likely invest in this because I really actually like it! It melts under fingers easily with a nice glide and picks up with a brush without a lot of pressure. You get 16 grams (0.56 oz), filled up to the near brim, for $13. I'd say that's a great price since you usually pay a pretty penny for combination base-primers! Being that it's cruelty free and talc free, on top of having minimal ingredients that you could actually understand with just a little research, it's a great option for primers. I love what it does for LunatiCK shades afterall! Check out Prime Time right here.

*I have two makeup bags: one larger one I keep primers, eyeshadows, lipstick and extras (such as lash glue, gems) in and a smaller pencil bag for my eyeliners, mascara, and brushes. Makes finding that one specific pencil or that one specific eyeshadow easier!


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