Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wig Review: MintyMix Black/Platinum Curled Bob

Split wigs are awesome. Curly wigs are also pretty awesome (but they can get a little annoying when it comes to their maintenance).

Maintenance aside, this wig is one of the least expensive I've come across in this appropriately lolita style.

MintyMix is a small shop run by Kammie that's been around for some time. I'm not sure how long, to be honest... I've known about it since the early 2000's but never bought anything. (I specifically wanted one of the split set wigs, the ones with the clip-on twin-tails.) She sells cute/cuddly hats, jewelry and other accessories (its all sold out right now but she does make these things by hand!) and a stunning array of wigs! Lots are sold out, but I think she might be waiting to sell the rest of her stock... **This is speculation, don't mind me ~** The site's layout is easy to navigate and really quite cute! 

The wigs are laid out with impressive photos and links to the customer gallery on the MintyMix Facebook page. Please note: these are customer photos that might not be in the best lighting! 

I like that on each and every wig page, she leaves a little disclaimer/tip: the wigs need to be fluffed up before wearing them for the best look. If you don't fluff the wig (just running your fingers gently through the wig and just disturbing the fibers a little bit), the wefting and interior cap of the wig risks showing through, especially on lighter colors like blonde and pink. I have this issue around where the crown is of my cotton candy pink wig; the easiest solution is to fluff it a little. Fluffing is important because when you're not wearing your wig and you have it in its hairnet and bag, it gets a little flat. The fibers settle and when taken out again, it can create thin areas. Oops.
I ordered the wig May 29th and the shipping notice came on the 31st. USPS hauled some butt getting the wig here. Yay! It was wrapped in polka-dot tissue paper inside a bubble mailer with a MintyMix sticker as well as a cute little strawberry cake phone charm that doubles as a screen cleaner (you can see them in the photo below). It's adorable ~ The wig was in the usual bag, with a hair net to protect the wig and a cardboard "ring" to prevent the wig from getting completely crushed while it was in the mailer. Brilliant!

My camera flipped out on the black. Sorry!
The wig is a curled bob style, and really quite cute. I wanted a more toned down and 'natural' wig, since I mainly have crazy wigs. This isn't to say that a blonde/black split is natural, but the colors are natural. The fibers are quite soft and pretty tangle-resistant! Since it's summer here, the wig was a little bit affected by the heat but it's a simple fix; the bangs were the slightest bit bent/awkward. (Stupid heat, messing up my wigs!) The curls are perfect, but were flattened a little bit due to mailing. This is something that can't be planned for however! Just be warned: when you order a wig, things can happen to the fibers on it's way to you! When I used my flat iron on it, one I specifically use on my wigs, it took the heat very easily without any melting or other ugly issues. These wigs are on the smaller side, being only 22-23 in. inside, so anyone with a larger head will probably want to go to a different site. My hair is a bit thick, so it makes the wig a little bit tight when using a fishnet wig cap, which means my hair is just randomly piled on top of my head with no rhyme or reason, or even with any clips to hold it down or in place. I'll see how it does with one of my home-made wig caps, which literally the tops of "stay-up" thigh highs. (Too cheap to buy a wig cap ahahaha ~)

The blonde does appear thin but it's really not too thin! I've already added matching blonde wefts, so there's more volume and the wefts are covered on the blonde side of the wig. The wig just needs some fluffing to adjust the blonde enough to cover the wefts. I kept messing with it on a wig head when I first got it, so it is hide-able. I'll be adding the same amount of black wefts to the wig to make it even. I don't fault the wig for being a little thin; it is stated on the website after all and I have had this experience with blonde in the past! Even in the photos on the site, you can see the tracks coming through slightly. I find the curls come out of the wig if you agitate it enough by running your fingers through the fibers, so instead of curls you get waves. The best remedy I've found is using foam rollers (I use these and actually quite like them) and a blow dryer. Shine isn't super bad on this in my opinion--but then, how often do people use flash inside and during the day?! The wig is platinum, but since I was doing these photos at night in incandescent light, it looks darker. Kammie's photos are all in natural light.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my wig. Additional wefting aside, it's nice and very cute! Unexpected and cute ~ You can see the whole range of MintyMix wigs here and my wig here. This specific wig, and the others in this similar style, are $33 with shipping having a bit of variance. For me, the standard shipping made the wig $38 which really isn't bad! I've paid more for similar wigs. MintyMix is great for cutesy wigs that you really probably won't see anywhere else. I want more MM wigs if Kammie gets more in.


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