Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner

First time using a Hask product (you know how I feel about placenta hair treatments, ugh) and first time using a keratin product!

It was only $1.77, so this isn't a bank breaker luckily.

I know very little about Hask outside of the fact they make hair care products you can find Walmart and other drugstore-type places. The Hask website doesn't have any information on the Keratin Protein collection aside from what's on the bottles/packet and there's nothing on how applying keratin to my hair is helpful.

Keratin Protein says it "softens & prevents breakage in weak, damaged hair." On the back, there's a bigger blurb. "Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner is an ultra restorative, moisturizing hair conditioner that leaves all hair types smooth, shiny and frizz free. This special ingredient blend repairs damage, reduces breakage and helps reduce static and drying time. Perfect for over processed and color treated hair. Treat your hair with this nourishing conditioner, formulated to bring life back into your luscious looking locks!" Lots of claims for a little package. While I doubt the claims on drying time (but then I don't really care—I wash my hair at night and air dry it), these are still some hefty claims!

The packaging is really basic. A pink foil packet with the Hask logo and the name of the product in white. These are displayed in a little cardboard box on shelves with the rest of the haircare stuff.

This is a creamy and thick white conditioner. For deep conditioner, that's a huge plus. Creamy and thick is always the best when it comes to deep conditioners! For a relatively little packet, you certainly get a lot! I found it more than enough to cover my ever-so-slightly-past shoulder length hair. Hair any longer than this might want to get two packets. I left this on for 10 minutes (probably longer) and it washed out easily; my hair felt soft and pleasant after. I used this last night when I washed my hair and... It took about 2 hours for my hair to airdry completely. So no amazing rapid drying! It did, however, dry a little bit straighter and smoother. My hair tends to dry a bit "fluffed" even after using conditioner. It usually settles down the next day or, if I'm really (un)lucky, it stays fluffy into the next day. Even with trimming my ends and taking care of it, my hair can fluff up or do weird things at the very ends and a little up the shaft. It's worse when it's noticeably damaged.
Super tired selfie
Friday afternoon: (since I'm a night owl) My hair is much straighter than it normally dries. If I'm lucky my bangs will dry semi straight and the rest does whatever it wants. It's not fluffed even in the slightest; its smooth and soft, really quite pretty since I don't have to do any extra work for it to have some semblance of normalcy. My bangs aren't being wonky, my hair isn't even a little wavy (that's how it normally is!).

I have one single gripe with this stuff. To me, it stinks. Ew. It smells like chemicall-y coconut oil. Not pleasant! And being conditioner, the scent lingers. Otherwise I like the conditioner. It has good things in it, like coconut oil and jojoba oil (which I looooooove for piercings and organic jewelry).

It's worth a try if you want a deep conditioner and only need it occasionally. Being only $1.77, you can't necessarily go wrong. You can find this at Target, Walmart, CVS and other places. The full list is on Hask's website and view their different products here. It's a very basic website but that's okay. I like this deep conditioner well enough but I really hate the smell. Just unpleasant--I don't even like the smell of coconut oil to begin with! I don't think this will work anything special like a straight protein treatment will, but when you want moisture for your hair, this is nice.



  1. Hask has a newer line of deep treatment masques from a line called Naturals. One is pink (moisture) the other light purple (strength) and they have very high quality natural silicones or icky stuff. Oh, and they both smell really good. I have lavender hair at the moment and so my hair takes a beating with the bleach, but w/ these used weekly my hair thanks me, lol. The day after bleaching I use the purple one, and the day after that I use the pink...then I just use whichever one each week or my tub of Shea Moisture dct. I get them at Sally Beauty.

    1. Oh really? Sweet! I'll have to check that out, I was just at Sally's for an ApHogee protein treatment and dye.XD I liked this treatment well enough, it was just that smell! Enjoy your lavender hair ~


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