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Review: LunatiCK Labs Eyeshadow Palette in Relic

I'm so excited to have two of LunatiCK's beautiful neutral palettes. Now I'm sure you might be thinking "Uuuugh neutrals!" but read before you close that tab!

These are nothing like Urban Decay's NAKED palettes that have been aggressively pushed. These are actually more interesting!

I won't be comparing Relic or Supernatural to the first NAKED palette; the colors are nothing alike and the shadows are massively different. Relic and Supernatural are mainly shimmers and satins, with some duochrome sheens. This adds much more interest to your regular neutrals. And the packaging? Come on, it's a coffin-shaped Ouija board with classic monsters! Epic ~

LunatiCK Labs is a US indie company based in Milwaukee. Their aesthetic is a relatively unusual one in the beauty world! It's horror based, catering to the girls who prefer alternative fashion and the unusual in life. Cruelty and talc-free, with extensive options, its a brand for anyone who prefers the stranger beauty! They also cater to SFX with fake blood and blacklight palettes.

They offer both loose eyeshadow singles and palettes. This is where they differ from most indie brands. Their palettes are also offered as loose shadow stackers, for the same price as their palettes. Their palettes are also very different from other palettes: their shadows are loosely packed yet pigmented. Being loosely packed, each palette comes with little acrylic pressers to put over the shadows to press them back into shape after using them. It's a very interesting formula but one that leads to a very nice product!

Can it get any better?
Why yes, yes it can.
Relic comes in their brand new coffin palettes, with a Ouija board on the outside, featuring the palette name and on the back, a little blurb about the company. Ingredients are listed both on the website and on the plastic baggies that the palettes are put in for shipping. Inside the palette is an epic bat-shaped mirror, perfectly sized so you can see your eyes when you apply your makeup. It's also sized nicely to be used for when you want to touch up your lips. There are classic monsters (such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of the Monster, the Invisible Man, and many more) surrounding the mirror. On the bottom of the palette where the shades are is green leopard print featuring a cute black cat, a vintage diagram of a palm reading, a crystal ball, a planchette from a Ouija board and a Biohazard symbol.

Now, the shades aren't named on the palette, which can be a little bit frustrating but they are posted on the website! Relic palette features the shades Elemental, Scripture, Lovelace, Ruins, and Ascendant.
Top: Elemental; Scripture; Lovelace. Middle: Ruins; Ascendant. Bottom: Ruins at an angle
Elemental (Shade 1) is an interesting shade. On bare skin, you get a lovely bronze with a pinky-orange duochrome but over primer, it becomes a tarnished bronze with a more obvious orange duochrome effect. It's very interesting, with excellent pigment on it's own and silky.

Scripture (Shade 2) is awesome. An antique, yellow-gold that's actually beautiful and a shade I love on myself despite being so warm! Another winner, with excellent pigment and silky. This is a great satin.

Lovelace (Shade 3) is one of my favorite shades from Relic! A warm, rusty orange-copper with a beautiful pink duochrome to it and becomes more tarnished with primer. You might think this kind of shade isn't a neutral, but its actually perfect for a light pop of color in your neutral look! Pigment is just slightly weaker than the others on bare skin but it comes alive with primer! (I know my photo makes Lovelace looks brown over primer, but it's really not brown!)

Ruins (Shade 4) is epic. Unlike most brands that offer a blue-brown (a la MAC's Blue Brown Pigment), LunatiCK is doing it differently. This is a cool, dark brown with a satin base. But here's where it gets better: there's a beautiful yellow-green sheen to it that's really interesting. The pigmentation is great, and another silky shade.

Ascendant (Shade 5) is a cool chocolate brown with a satin finish. This is much more brown and cool than some other browns, which can be pretty red-toned without being so brown and a bit weird. This is a shade that could replace my usual brown eyeshadow for my brows! The shade I normally use is a matte dark brown from a limited edition Too Faced Glamour to Go palette; I have never found anything similar but this shade could honestly replace my regular brown shade! I don't mind it that it's a satin; matte can be a little stark for brows and I have had shimmery/metallic-y brows. The pigmentation is weaker when trying to transfer the swatch to bare skin. With primer and a brush, it's really quite stunning!

Relic is the warmer of the the two neutral palettes offered by LunatiCK and its nicely balanced for a punchy, unusual neutral look. The colors in the palette are really beautiful and much more interesting than just about every other neutral palette you see! I like that the palette doesn't have any mattes, just satins and I love that Ruins has the green sheen to it and makes it really different from other shades. These shades will definitely pack more of a punch if you use their Prime Time Primer. LunatiCK Labs 5-shade palettes are $35 each; as an alternative to the palette, you can get the palette shades in a stacker for the same price of $35. The shades are 1.3 grams each in the palette and 1.7 grams in the stackers. You can see Relic here and the other LunatiCK Labs palettes here as well.

I do recommend these if you want a more interesting neutral palette from an indie company! You can see my review of Supernatural here and see the palette here.


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