Friday, June 20, 2014

Look Ma! Bruises! (WARNING: BLOOD)

BEFORE I get comments of "you're glamorizing violence," the only thing I've wanted to do for the rest of my life as a job is makeup. Special effects makeup, because brides bore me. I've had black eyes before because hey, kids are stupid. I get bruises in daily life because I'm a klutz who will slam into an OPEN door. And jeez, does that HURT!

Tonight I got a bit bored. I needed to clean my brushes out, but first, I thought I'd play around with makeup.

Yes, I scared Ze Boyfriend with this. It wasn't intentional!
All I used was concealer, pressed powder, liquid lipstick, and eyeshadows. Yay for eyeshadows ~ The key to this is using mattes. A slight sheen can enhance the look of a fresh black eye because the skin has swelled and blood has pooled. An older one will have no shine. Don't use shimmer or glitter! It'll really just look silly. A satin isn't a good idea either. The tiniest bit of clear gloss can help, but gloss can cause creasing, fading, etc. It's much easier to make a slightly "healed" bruise. Face paints, one that will have that slight wet sheen, work nicely in this situation since you can do things with face paints you can't do with eyeshadows.
I kinda scare myself too.

But I don't have any fancy face paints!

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow - Love+, Poison Plum
Urban Decay NAKED Palette - Naked, Buck
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flatt Pressed Powder - Ivory
LunatiCK Labs ApocalipSLICK - Bloody Hell
Cheap clear gloss


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