Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: L.A. Girl GLAZED Lip Paints in Blushing & Coy

These are pretty flipping amazing liquid lipsticks from the drugstore. Love 'em.

They're a great dupe to Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick, but definitely not a dupe for OCC Lip Tars.

L.A. Girl is a semi-hard-to-get line of pretty big proportions. Concealers, nail polishes, you name it, they likely have it. The GLAZED Lip Paints have been really making a huge buzz in the beauty world, particularly after they released a nice selection of new shades. With a line up of 18colors ranging from nudy-pinks to rich, vampy purple, it is insane.
GLAZED is packaged in an opaque plastic tube, very similar in appearance to Too Faced Melted and have standard-sized gold caps. Unlike Too Faced, which has a velvety doe-foot on the tube, these are just a black plastic doe foot. Despite this normally being an ill-advised applicator, it actually works for spreading product out. A lip brush is necessary for edges with colors like Coy.

Coy isn't actually grainy. I think that's from my lips (gross, I know).
Blushing is a dusty, dark mauve that can be quite subtle and natural. It's pretty soft, despite the tube's color! It's a color that can be worn with just about anything, since it's a subtle shade. What most call universal! Try it for yourself, since I'm ghastly pale and find the color flattering. This was completely opaque and I could get a nice edge around my lips with the tube alone.

Coy is a bright violet with pink undertones. Despite of the brightness, it's actually kind of calm! I don't wear a whole lot of purple lip products, which is mainly because I'm afraid my lips will be screaming but Coy? Coy is good. It lives up to it's name, in that it's quite playful and not particularly loud. I found it be sheer if you reapply over an area too much but it can be fixed by dabbing the product on and smoothing it with your lips or a brush. A lip brush helped me to get a clean lip line, which I couldn't manage with the tube.

Blushing on the right, Coy on the left.
I didn't find either shade particularly drying, but didn't really find them hydrating.My lips certainly weren't worse for wear after I took off Coy, which is a very good thing for someone who tends to have very dry lips (ew). I did find Coy leaving a nice stain after it faded. These last for a handful of hours with drinking, and last quite well when you aren't eating or drinking!

As I said above, GLAZED is definitely not an OCC Lip Tar dupe. Lip Tar is more liquid and thin, making it easy to spread. GLAZED is much thicker by comparison, but can be spread and applied from the tube much like Melted. You're bound to make a mess applying Lip Tar directly from the tube! I used a lip brush with Coy since I couldn't quite get a nice edge around my lips with the tube itself, like I again mentioned above. These have more in common with Too Faced Melted, since they both sport a thicker formula as well as being on the glossy side. While GLAZED shares a color family with Lip Tar, they aren't dupes in term of formula. The only "dupeable" part of Lip Tar? Mixing GLAZED colors together is pretty easy. Since I don't have a cute Paw Palette to use, I mixed Coy and Blushing on the back of my hand and the result is rather pretty to me.

You can find L.A. Girl GLAZED at Five Below, Harmons and a few other retailers, as well as online at L.A. Girl's website. Hot Topic has only two shades, and my nearby Five Below had the original colors but none of the new shades. Elude looks absolutely ghastly on the website, which is a bit entertaining and I'd love to see it for myself.