About Me: The "Important" Bits

I don't like talking about myself, and still find it difficult to write about myself. What does a person put about themselves?

I'm a 20 year-old, jobless, amateur "makeup artist." Kind of an intimidating event. I absolutely love makeup. It's a very fun thing to just do, if that makes sense. I enjoy doing my makeup and I hope people recognize the effort put into my look. I also enjoy photography and put a good amount of work into my photos, ranging from how to arrange the product for the best shot to the lighting and background to cropping and watermarking my photos! I want to get the best image of the product I can. Aside from photography, I draw fairly often and might post my art alongside any DIY I do.

I take deep pride in my skin and hair, working to keep my skin clear and hair healthy as well as colorful! Someone might think that's vain, but what's wrong with trying to work with the skin I have? I don't try to change my hair texture, just the color because I'm pretty unsatisfied with my dark locks. I have combination skin, which changes from normally dry most of the year to pretty oily in the summer. My skin near instantly changes when the temperature warms up on the east coast of America! I don't get many breakouts, but when I do have them, they tend to be somewhat bad. As for my hair, it's pretty normal. Damaged from bleach and color changes, but not heavily damaged by heat. Not super oily or dry, just average hair. I'll do reviews of the hair products I use as well as go into my daily skincare routine.

I will say this here: there are SPF-containing foundation products I can't use because they use titanium dioxide as one of the SPF ingredients. I have a titanium allergy and have broken out pretty badly from a tinted moisturizer that contained titanium dioxide. If you're into the body modification scene, you probably know that a very popular metal for jewelry is titanium because its hypoallergenic, lightweight, it's color can be changed through electric baths (positive charged water + negatively charged metal) but I forget the exact process for it. I had titanium barbells for my earrings when I first had my lobes re-pierced and it was six months in hell because I was unaware of my allergy! All is good now and I know to avoid any and all titanium body jewelry as well as products containing titanium dioxide. It sucks a lot but it can't be helped.

I hope this gives you more insight into me as a person and that you stick around and continue to read my blog.


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