Friday, April 19, 2013

GASP! New Hair: Platinum + (Nearly) Pastel Pink

Two weeks later... I couldn't hold out. Nope.

Yeah.. I'm pretty weak but you know what? I pretty much always baby my hair: if I'm not going anywhere for some days, I let my hair just relax and get oily but if I'm going somewhere then I use some dry shampoo. Heat? Only once a week, with a nice heat protecting serum. Lots of conditioner piled on in the shower. I plan to do a moisturizing DIY treatment for it.


Bleach time! 

As I said, I used a boxed bleach for this because I really didn't want to go to the beauty supply store. Specifically, I used L'Oreal Super Blonde in 205 Super Bleach Blonde. Call me lazy, but the parking lot is a mess, the store is a bit of a mess (things aren't all that well arranged) and the staff is usually one or two people, one of whom is probably doing stock (or gossiping on the phone).

The rest of my hair was in a bun and held back with the little Velcro "hair clips" you can find in beauty stores in Asia (what are those called?!)
This was after I had emptied the bleach on my head :D
I sectioned my hair but depending on what you want, you don't have to. Mix it up, apply, and play the waiting game. Read a book, play a video game, watch YouTube videos from your subscriptions. I generally do this for an hour, because I have roots and want platinum hair. That hour will also go by pretty quickly. I put a grocery bag on my hair, inside out and with the logo on the back of my head where nothing was being bleached. I secured it with another hair elastic. I only did this because my hair would have been hanging in my face!
Not a happy camper right now.
After, rinse, shampoo well and condition. I skip conditioner for the moment and towel dry my hair to mix up my pastel pink concoction. After, I clean up my tint brush, finish drying my hair completely and apply. I always let my dye process for 30 minutes. No more, no less (even though the dye I use conditions hair and leaves it soft and shiny!).
A picture I had sent to Ze Boyfriend from my iPod
SFX Atomic Pink & generic conditioner, second batch

To protect my blonde, I sectioned my hair and covered it in foil. The foil was also to protect my face, ears and neck.
Ready to rinse ~ (I've had some bad skin lately; dunno why really. My bathroom also gives everything a yellow hue)
Following the 30 minutes, back in the shower to rinse my hair again and condition everything this time. I ran out of the original mix (F**K!) and had no idea how much conditioner I had put in. I mixed it again to be the same color. If you use Special Effects to do this, it won't be paste-like* but pretty loose and drippy. While I was rinsing it, I actually ended up using the Super Blonde conditioning shampoo (I love that stuff!), and then used more of our regular shampoo to try to lighten the pink. It worked only slightly. Then I did something horrible; I used body wash on my hair. That worked. It's not all one pink but I hope to lighten it more slowly and carefully. I dumped tons of conditioner on my hair after all that and followed with a leave in conditioner.

I really hope I can get it more pastel as time goes. It's kind of pretty right now (my hair is still damp though). Also, I'll do a review of the SFX colors I have and have used with pictures of my hair when it was that color. It will probably be one big post.

*Special Effects has a paste-like consistency coming out but it glides on to hair. It also dries to a paste-like consistency. Jerome Russell Punky Colours are very jelly-like and kind of messy but they do their job well! They only dry slightly on hair.

(PS: All these photos were taken with my iPod. Sorry!)


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