Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Foundation

It's suddenly very hot here. I don't like it! Sure, I disliked the cold but sudden heat? Blegh! Weather is so ridiculously bipolar. Cold one day, hot the next, and I can't get much of an accurate forecast. I hate weather! (By the way, it's staying relatively hot.)

Wear and tear on the label
So with the sudden heat, I have to change foundation products from this mask-y feeling foundation to my BB cream. I thought I should review it now, since I won't be wearing it for much longer (until about August).
You might be worried now that this will look and feel mask-like all the time. Don't worry; it only feels like a mask when it's hot outside. It will melt in the heat, with sweat. It's just fine when it gets cooler, though this isn't hydrating at all and has no SPF. I pretty regularly have combination-dry skin and then it does a complete change into combination-oily because the temperature went up.

This is a good place to put the shade name, but I didn't know ivory was orange.
Back to the product. Housed in this fairly annoying, clunky, square glass bottle with a plastic cap, it's not winning points for packaging. Sure, it looks nice but then it's a pain to get every last drop out. You'll have a hard time traveling with it too. Did I mention you have to shake it each time? You do. A fair amount gets stuck to the cap, so you can at least stick a concealer brush in the cap and do a little spot-coverage before you apply it to your face. I stopped pouring this on the back of my hand to get it out to use my foundation brush and use the amount that gets stuck in the neck as a big "bubble" to apply it all over my face. The right and left sides have stickers with directions, drug facts (this contains salicylic acid, hence the "SkinClearing.") and a barcode. On the top of the cap you will find the shade name.
Right side of bottle (I'm right-handed)
Left side of the bottle
The foundation itself is a bit thick coming out, making it a pain to pour out and its seriously an annoyance to get it off the back of your hand if you don't have makeup remover because soap won't work very well (I've tried!). Hence why I leave the "bubble" after I shake the bottle and dip my brush in it. It can apply thinly, despite the fact that its thick when you pour it. Aren't liquids funny like that? I like to dot it on my face and then blend with my brush. It doesn't provide much coverage (think maybe medium-sheer) and the shade range isn't impressive, as I'm fairly sure there are ladies complaining about not having enough darker-toned shades. The lightest shade available is Classic Ivory 10, with obvious yellow tones and oxidizes to look pretty orange on me. It does NOT match at all.
The "bubble" and amount in the cap.
SkinClearing in Classic Ivory 10 (left), SKIN79 Hot Pink (right) - unblended, no flash
Classic Ivory 10 (left), SKIN79 Hot Pink (right) - blended, no flash
Now with flash
As for the clearing part, it does keep pimples away fairly nicely. I didn't notice myself getting clogged pores or any more pimples than usual, if anything most of them went away easily. By the way, oil eats through this like no tomorrow. The majority of my oil is on my nose and no matter how careful I am in application, the oil just eats through it. I most definitely wouldn't recommend for dry skin, as it will stick to dry patches. Oily skin probably wouldn't be able to use it either sadly, with the way it disappears on oily areas (and it's quick too!). I kind of wonder, who Neutrogena made this for anyway?

If you really want to try it, be my guest. It's on the expensive side of drugstore, being about $13.50 I believe. As stated before, the shade range isn't anything to get excited about. The foundation and the rest of the SkinClearing makeup line can be found at Ulta, Walgreens, CVS and a slew of other retailers in the States. As this is a drugstore product, if you have Neutrogena products where you live, it might be there with the makeup in the drugstores. If I remember correctly, the whole line is liquid foundation, concealer, and a mattifying powder compact, all of which is supposed to help with breakouts.

PS: I haven't updated in a while because I have a pregnant cat to look after right now. She's been picking on  my cat too when he's done absolutely nothing to her. So frustrating...



  1. Thank you! I've been waiting for so long to see your review about this foundation.

    1. You're welcome! I'm happy to help. I was skeptical to buy it at first myself since no one had reviews, but it had salicylic acid. It couldn't hurt to try!


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