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Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Various Colors

I have so many of these and I will not lie: they're some of my absolute favorite eyeliner pencils even if they're $20 with tax (not that I go through them very quickly though!). They're all rolling around in my makeup bag and one tiny little stub of a pencil is in a drawer. Its just so cute I don't want to get rid of it.

I've been using these since I was maybe 15. I had gone through so many eyeliner pencils, many of which sucked. They would smear, transfer and crease, though at this time, I didn't know what eyeshadow primer was. I opted for the 24/7 pencil because it was supposed to be better and I liked the brand.

It has been very difficult taking photos!
This about what a full-sized pencil looks like. This one has been sharpened a few times.
These are simple pencils but recognizable. Silver metal caps, with a nice slender pencil featuring a silver tip and a colored body that matches the pencil color the only deviant from this is Perversion: a black cap, black tip, and matte black body. Everything you need to know is printed on the pencil in silver. These are 1.2 g (0.04 US oz.) and that can go a long way (for me). I have a couple Zero pencils, a sample of Electric, and a full-size Ransom pencil. In 2011, I received their Electric 24/7 Eye Pencil set for Christmas, featuring mini's of Ransom, Woodstock, Junkie, Perversion, and Radium. Woodstock, Junkie and Perversion were initially exclusive to the set. Clearly this is an addiction. Ransom is also being discontinued by Urban Decay unfortunately.

I love these pencils. Zero and Perversion are staples, I absolutely will not switch my eyeliner pencil (unless there's something cheaper that lasts just as nicely with a variety of colors). Urban Decay says their pencils are "Creamy, forever-lasting, award-winning and waterproof, 24/7 pencils delight you with lush tropical hues, deep metallics, and unusually vibrant neutrals." 

Colorful? Yes. Creamy? To die for. Waterproof? Some more than others. These do last better with eyeshadow on top, needless to say, and eyeshadow primer will help. Forever-lasting? I have raccoon eyes the next day if I line my waterline with pencil and shadow (depending on the pencil) or don't bother with removing my eye makeup. Now let's talk about the pencils I have stashed away...

I'm going to break this down in a different way from normal because I have so many of these pencils. If it were only two or three, this would look like my regular reviews.

I'll start with Perversion, which is my favorite black eyeliner but since this is a mini I don't want to use it too much. Perversion is absolute black. It's matte and gorgeous; even Urban Decay says it's blackest-black. It's true. I will swear up and down that this is the most epic eyeliner I have used and that it's the best for the waterline when you need fierce black.

Zero is your basic black pencil. It's certainly nowhere near as dark or matte like Perversion but it gets the job done. If you need a black pencil that isn't the end-all-be-all-no-light-serious-black, then Zero is your best bet. It gets the job done without being too intense; it works nicely on the waterline with shadow on top and works well as a liner when you need just basic black but don't want it to be dark as night. I go through black eyeliner like it's candy. (And I go through candy pretty darn quick...)
Right: Perversion; left: Zero

And a side-by-side comparison with Perversion and Zero.

Ransom is one pencil I find hard to use. I can't figure out how to make it work for me (shocker!) but I know it's a beautiful color. It's supposed to be iridescent purple but on eyes, it's not highly noticeable. Being this is a purple eyeliner, and I always have issues with purple liners, it goes on sheer. Not super sheer, but you'll see the skin underneath.

Woodstock. Oh Woodstock... You're a great pencil but you don't look so hot on my eyes I think! It's a hot pink pencil with red tones to it that goes pretty sheer but can be built up. It has a sheen but it's a subtle sheen and pretty. Why don't I feel it works for me? I feel that it makes my eyes look red-rimmed or tired. Oh poop...

Junkie is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite colorful pencil. It's just so flipping pretty, it's hard to resist the pretty. Gold and green glitter-infused teal pencil that leans blue while being somewhat green with a silky smooth application. I love this color. Love it. This goes on slightly sheer in one swipe but can be built up nicely without much trouble.

Radium is so stunning but I also have trouble with it at the same time. Like I said, I received Radium in the Electric pencil set for Christmas and fell in love. It's a gorgeous, medium blue with silvery shimmer that, next to its turquoise cousin Electric, becomes sapphire. One swipe results in stunning color. Most. Epic. Blue. But how do I wear it? Argh.
Isn't it cute? Electric

Electric was a sample pencil I received from Urban Decay shortly after Christmas 2012 when I placed my order for the Vice palette. The reason for the free pencil (and some other goodies) was because their shipping department closed up shop early. In response, they offered lots of little freebies with any orders placed during the close. I seriously love Electric but its a pain in the butt. A bright turquoise sans any shimmer, one swipe yields a nice line. On the waterline, it failed. I had to go over it a few times before moving on to the next eye. The color on my waterline was gone. Did it again, and I was ready with shadow to set it. That worked decently enough but some hours later, the color was in my lashes, having faded and essentially "migrated" into the base of my lashes. Not so pretty... I'm a bit shy when it comes to wearing this shade, it's insanely bright.
From left to right: Perversion - Zero - Ransom - Woodstock - Junkie - Radium - Electric
From left to right: Perversion - Zero - Ransom - Woodstock - Junkie - Radium - Electric (flash)
I do very much love these with eyeshadows on top to increase their staying power. They do tend to hold their own against soap and water, but the eyeshadow on top really helps. Eye makeup remover will work best to remove these, but just washing your face at the sink will not make them budge. You'll still find you have eyeliner on your eyes! Eek!

You can find 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils at Ulta, Sephora and for $19 (before tax)/$20 (approx. with tax). Full-sized pencils do last a while (for me), because of their length. I do love them but would like to find a cheaper alternative for certain shades. I can buy Perversion and Zero without a problem since they're staples, but the colors are a little harder for me to justify.

In another post, I'll do a waterproof and soap+water test as well as a "finger smudge test" on the arm. I feel this post has been way too long already. Smudge test is up! Click here to see it.


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