Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Confetti in #124 Glitz

Every Halloween in the US, drugstore brands put out amazing Halloween collections. It's exciting!

I think you all already know I love my Wet n Wild stuff. Their Fantasy Makers collections are always the most fun. When I can find them, that is. I've been left in the past to just drool over photos because I can't find the things I want.

This year, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers added a stunning iridescent silver glitter! I am madly in love. I used it shortly after I received it for this look. $3 for glitter is just amazing. The Fantasy Makers collection contains polishes, eyeshadow palettes and sets, a creme paint palette, lipsticks and glosses, pencils. So much stuff, agh... And it's inexpensive to boot.

Taken in partial sunlight. Isn't it pretty?
This comes in a glass bottle that I actually dislike. It looks nice but then it's a functional failure. My bottle was way overfilled! It's also difficult, for me, to pour the right amount out for whatever I'm doing. Bugger! The neck opening is pretty small but it's not horrible.

Slowly blurring photos in partial sunlight.
This is a fine-cut glitter and I think I got some in my eye during that previously posted look. Didn't hurt much at all, more like if an eyelash was in my eye. It came out thankfully. Anyway, it's all silver, iridescent glittery goodness! This has multiple uses, of course, because it's cosmetic glitter ~ What can't you do with cosmetic glitter?! The other shade of glitter is a simple antiqued-looking gold. I think that might be a powder instead of an actual glitter like the silver, but since I'm not highly interested, I won't bother with checking it out. Sorry!
With flash. It's kind of hard to make macro photos blur when taking them.
I know, I don't have a ton to say about this glitter. It'll only be around for Halloween, and displays start getting taken down early November-ish. You can most likely find these displays in Rite-Aid and KMart currently, but hopefully they'll pop up in Walgreens and CVS soon. I want to see a bigger display at Rite-Aid. Wet n Wild does have a regular Confetti glitter line, of about two or three colors. One, I believe, isn't a glitter per-se, but rather a loose powder.

This will be my last post till Monday/Tuesday.


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