Friday, August 2, 2013

Wig Review: Stocking Wig (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt)

I'm sorry I'm so slow. It's been a bad week; one of my other wigs I ordered alongside this one was terribly tangled when I received it (what the hell?) so I've been working on it. On another note...

Whoo! I got a wig! Yes, I, crazy hair lover, got a wig. My second* kanekalon wig to be exact. And it's from an eBay store I've been 'stalking.' I stalk it because they have all sorts of wigs, cosplay costumes and so many wonderful Visual Kei outfits/pieces. The store (and the account) is JC-Punk!
Stocking Anarchy/ アナーキー・ストッキング Anākī Sutokkingu
(Source: PSG Wiki)
So that wig. It's for the character Stocking Anarchy, a Gothic lolita with an extreme sweet tooth and wild hair. She's from the Japanese anime/cartoon (I call it a cartoon because most of it is in an American cartoon style rather than "true" anime style) Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt. I don't recommend it if you're under 16, because it's certainly not a kid-friendly show in the least. If you don't know what a garterbelt is without looking it up, you're clearly not old enough to watch it. I am sorry.
It's so long it's near impossible to photograph without wearing it or having it on a wig stand.
Interior of the wig.
Due to length, style, and color, this wig tends to be pretty expensive-$40 to $50 but I got it for $23.98. Not bad if I do say so myself ~ The wig is 100 cm/40 in (approximately) so it goes just past my hips but I'm also a little short. It's a great match to her hair in the show, navy with a cotton candy pink "peekaboo" style. I love her hair! The wig is heat resistant kanekalon, pin straight and just so insanely silky. For me personally, the blunt cut bangs (Stocking's signature look) are the perfect length! They hit my lashes, very much like Stocking's.
I love these envelopes. Easy to get into ~ I suggest you just pull back the flap where it meets the adhesive.
That cardboard ring kept the package from being crushed! And helped the wig keep it's shape some
The wig in the netting.
It arrived in a plastic teal-green envelope, with the wig in a plastic bag inside a net. This is how your good wigs should come, because you can store them in the bag and the net keeps it from getting messy due to any friction from the bag. The lower part of the hair was also tied with a rubberband to keep it from getting free of the net. This is seriously well packaged for a wig coming from overseas. I love the hell out of this wig. When I took it out and took off the rubberband, to comb it out some, I accidentally tangled it. Oops... My hair used to be this length, so I've forgotten how easy it was to tangle up. Thanks to the silkiness, it's easy to "finger-comb" knots out! I swear the wig is positively, absolutely not black but navy! My camera just can't pick it up; the pink is off too.
With simple instructions ♡
A nice little gift thrown in was a fishnet wig cap! Yay, a wig cap! I've never honestly bought a wig cap. Why not? You can make them with the tops of old thigh high stockings, one with stretchy bands, or according to someone I read a very long time ago, you can use the feet of stockings. I find the tops of old thigh highs work best personally. I like this wig cap better though. The thigh high I used had a "stay up no-slip grip" thing on it, so it kind of sticks to my forehead and hair. It also tends to slip back during the day occasionally, leaves marks on my skin, can cause me a headache and really just annoys me. With this new cap, I don't have many of those issues. It did slip a little bit but I can just pin it to my hair. I didn't do my hair all the way up like I normally would, which would  have helped tremendously.

So for all my cosplaying ladies & gents, if you're looking for a character wig, I highly recommend going to JC-Punk. If you just want an awesomely unusual wig, they have those too! They have clip in bangs now, so you can change up your look whenever you feel like without the commitment. JC-Punk, as I said before, has visual kei clothing pieces, accessories, cosplay costumes and own the lolita shoe brand Antaina. I hope to one day purchase myself some Antaina rocking horse shoes ~

My costume for my upcoming con is nearly complete. Just waiting for my lenses to get shipped out ~

*I have a cotton candy-ish pink kanekalon wig that was bought at a local shop. It's heat resistant and a pretty wig!


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