Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Peripera Peri's Tint Water in No. 1 Cherry Juice & No. 3 Orange Juice

I think you all know I love Japanese and Korean packaging, products and other aspects ~ Well, with this love of their products, I watch haul videos when some of favorite YouTubers get back from vacation. This particular review you can thank BubzBeauty for!

All because she bought the Peripera Peri's Tint in No. 1 Cherry Juice and if I recall correctly, No. 2 Pink Juice!

I had my eye on the red and pretty much thought: I NEED THIS OH MY GOD. The red was just beautiful! And I like stains!
Peripera is a Korean brand that I really don't that much about, unfortunately! Their website is www.peripera.co.kr, which I think redirects to http://clubclio.co.kr/peripera/. If I could read Korean, I would get as much as information as I can. I bought my tint waters on eBay, from topinkgirl who gave me a pureDerm mask too! I was super excited, first time with a sheet mask. (I already used it. It was pretty nice! I want more of them)
Art by Mari Kim
The colors are on the top of the box!
Isn't this adorable?!

Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with the packaging. The tint comes in a box with gorgeous art by Mari Kim (I do believe this same artist helped with 2NE1's Hate You video), the bottle is cute with a big beige cap that features the same cute girl as on the box but it comes in a glass bottle. It's terrifying for me to carry it around. I'm afraid I'll break it somehow though I keep it in the box. It's a cute bottle and you can see how much product you have but I'm seriously scared. The top is easy to hold though, with a short doe-foot applicator.

No. 1 Cherry Juice
No. 3 Orange Juice

This is literally water. It's a sheer tint water (with some punch), as the name says! When I use it, I always wipe the doe-foot on the lip of the bottle so there isn't tint dripping off when I apply it. No. 1 Cherry Juice lives up to it's namesake: a sheer red tint. It's just straight up red that darkens my natural lip color but looks nice; not too dark, not too bright, I think the tones will swing warm or cool depending on your skin. No. 3 Orange Juice is an unusual choice for me; it's orange. It does go on orange but I actually think it's pretty. I like it best with my only fuchsia duochrome-y gloss; my lips look all plump with it, heehee. It looks good topped with clear gloss too! Both do actually.

Fresh swatched, with Cherry Juice starting to dry down. Cherry Juice on the left, Orange Juice on the right
Cherry Juice on the left, Orange Juice on the right with flash
Completely dried.
Now the second bad thing about this: they're drying. Obviously, you can fix the dryness with a hydrating gloss or one that feels hydrating, to smooth out the dryness. While the drying aspect is annoying, I tend to wear the orange with fuchsia gloss on top anyway and the red with clear gloss. I once put them with lip balm on top. Not the best idea, since the tint wasn't touching skin so it couldn't really sink in to be a stain.

Since I don't live in Korea, I don't know where to buy these! I think Peripera is available at Watsons? If you live in Asia, you probably have a better idea. I can only recommend topinkgirl, whom I bought them from for $8.29 USD each. Not a bad price since they have free shipping. I want to try more of the Peripera tints too.

PS: Sorry I haven't been updating or blogging, acting like I've fall off the face of the earth. I have two big reviews, a circle lens review and a wig review, waiting. I'm also going to a con at the end of August/beginning of September so I'm trying to prepare for that. I also got some samples from an indie company to swatch/review, and I was asked to fill out their "frequent reviewer" form. Honestly, I'm struggling with it... :<


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