Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cute & Functional: DIY'd Pencil Pouch for Makeup!

I actually had started this DIY something like last year or early this year. I really don't remember! I just remember having the idea to make a pencil pouch into my own little personal makeup bag. This was after being fed up with not having a bag that fit my NAKED palette and I was tired of having to dig for my eyeliners.

Obviously, I switched bags before I finished this. I didn't finish it because I didn't have a sealant for when I would use acrylic paints on the vinyl. I do now, so I set out to paint it because I need this bag for an upcoming comic convention (yes, I go to those!).

From OfficeDepot, where my pouch came from!
I used a basic pencil pouch with a vinyl pocket in the front, which you see above. I went through several ideas before settling on a panda. I used this panda vector but I can't tell you who actually owns it. It'll come up in Google if you put in "cartoon panda." Admittedly, I could have drawn the super cute San-X character Tare-Panda. He's my favorite cartoon panda.

I traced the image, added bamboo in the background and put the tracing paper inside the pouch to trace it with a Sharpie. I also added "KODOMO PANDA" in the other corner, also tracing it on the vinyl with Sharpie. I only painted this today with acrylics (white,black, pink - two drops red to one drop white) and the green is nail polish.
I love the color of the bag
What do you think? It's an easy project that can be adapted to be any bag. I kind of want the pink one now, so I can make a lace and macaroon design. (I love macaroons...)

PS:..........WOW. I did not notice that the title was misspelled. Oops.


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