Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Whisper in 30 Pin-Up Peach

I said I would review it in a post and never did. It's not something I grab often! Merely because of the frequency of my lips being dry and ew. And because I only like it when I have my face done.

So! I fell in love with these when I heard about them. They were new for 2013 and I was insanely excited. A balm with enough pigment to look pretty while not being obvious?! And it's hydrating?! And it's got enough product to last while not being so much to drive me insane?! Gimme!

I never troubled myself with Revlon Lip Butters. Why? I was overwhelmed by the colors, wasn't sure what I would like/what would look good, what was decently pigmented, what wasn't, etc... So these were my choice instead. Some are decently pigmented, a slick feel that's also hydrating, and have a nice, somewhat small color range. Nothing to overwhelm.

I like the difference in font.
Size comparison
Height comparison
If I remember correctly, these were in a basic display on a shelf. You know the ones: the plastic shelf promo-displays for new products or new additions to existing lines. I've seen them in a rack display below the regular Color Sensational lipsticks. These are additions to the Color Sensational line, a line I actually like. The packaging matches their Color Sensational lipsticks but these are slimmer and taller by comparison. The same clear cap that's colored to match the lipstick or color range with "COLOR" in a blocky font and "Whisper" in cursive. In this case, the cap is a pinky color. Being these are slimmer, they'll fit in a pocket easily, but they might melt. I wouldn't know just yet, since I don't carry things in my pockets very much (aside from phone and iPod, on the occasion I'm listening to music).

Left: one swipe; right: three swipes
Left: one swipe; right: three swipes with flash
Pin-Up Peach is a lovely peachy-pink color that's very pink in the tube and pink on the lips. On Maybelline's website, it looks very peach. Not an overwhelming pink! (And I think you all know how I feel about pink lip products.) If anything, on my lip, it deepens my natural lip color with a nice sheen. Being these are so slick and hydrating, they sort of glide onto lips. Since this particular one is pigmented, it can and will cling to dry spots. That's not pretty... These aren't really lipsticks but they aren't balms either. They can have the pigment of a lipstick but the hydration of a balm. They're completely no-fuss in application. Just swipe on and go. Admittedly, you'll probably want to look in a mirror but who doesn't look in a mirror with a pigmented lip product? No one wants to get pigment lip products all over their lips. Let's avoid a mess, shall we?

Like many drugstore products, the price varies in stores. I've seen these in drugstores (for example, CVS) and in the grocery stores more recently. From CVS (where Maybelline apparently pulled it's online price...), the Color Whispers are $7.49 so expect to pay something like $7 to $8 in stores.

PS: I see more Maybelline products in my future, heehee. I've been really liking them lately; have always loved the look of their Color Plush quads though I never troubled myself to buy one. I'm trying to dupe Koji Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Quad in No. 1 Sweet Dolly, a very pretty palette and an expensive one (about $20 on eBay. Yikes!). If you have any suggestions for duping the palette, let me know in the comments or directly message me through my contact page. I'd like to know some dupes!

PPS: Long time, no review and I apologize for that. Getting pictures has been a bit of an issue and I'm trying to get prepared for an anime/comic convention. I missed a year and didn't stay long this year; a band I've wanted to meet/see is going to be there so I really need to be ready in advance! I hope to get photos of my MAX★STAR shoes, a wig when I get it and hopefully my circle lenses (my mom doesn't approve though I've never had troubles personally). I've also re-joined a burlesque troupe and might have a makeup job in October. My life is about to explode...


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