Thursday, July 4, 2013

Update yay! :D (Why I haven't been "Bloggering")

"Bloggering" is Ze Boyfriend's name for when I'm writing up a post in preparation for photo taking. (I write posts between looking at the product, packaging, etc.)

On that note...

I haven't been posting because I've been in a bit of a hectic situation. One of the kittens was adopted this week, I've been trying to figure out how to make a custom background with HTML, trying to organize my thoughts on a product I love (basically, remembering what I love or hate about it!), and of course, there's the 4th of July.

To start: one of the kittens was adopted! They're 6-7 weeks this week, so no more nursing. They're all eating wet and dry food, so I have to get up every hour or so to feed the little monsters. Those cute little monsters... Always attacking my pants, jumping into my lap and fighting for it. They'll wrestle each other to lay in my lap!

Next, my background! I found the code and tutorial to do it; I just have to draw it and get someone to render it (I suck at rendering and I only have Photoshop 8 or something along those lines to use). I think it will be a nice change. I'll probably (possibly) be changing the color scheme when I fix up the background. It's just an idea I had while in bed, trying to sleep. Not going to say anything about it just yet.

You wouldn't think it would be terribly hard to gather my thoughts on a product I've had for some months. Since maybe March! Its only difficult because I don't use it very frequently but it gets use. Hopefully I'll finish up the post and take the pictures for it. To be honest, I haven't been in the mood to write or photograph. It's been raining for two or three weeks now.

On that note... I HATE the rain. All I've seen recently is rain, rain, more rain and rain. Did I mention rain? It hasn't been horribly hot though but this leads to a very soggy 4th. The only up point of this week? I got my first textured polish and normally, I dislike nail polish trends. Nail art trends I like but texture would normally annoy me. I drown glitter in top coat, so an intentionally textured polish is a change; they eat top coat but they do dry quickly. Even with rain!* The convenience of a texture polish? No sheet marks ヽ(;▽;)ノ I honestly am terrible at painting my own nails. I can do someone's nails but not mine. I might review it. Might. I think it might be "US-exclusive" though, not to say there aren't tons of textured polishes out there.

Hopefully, I'll draw the background image, get someone to render it or get help rendering, and finish up that silly review. Oh, by the way, I think I'll do a post on dupes. I rely heavily on dupes! Been worrying about dupes recently.

So how have you lovelies been? Reading old posts, right? Heh, sorry ~ I know my SKIN79 post is crazy popular though. Hope it's helpful to those looking for information.

*Supposedly, nail polish won't dry when it's raining. I rarely have this issue.


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