Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 015 Born With It

Every time I think of this lipstick, my brain wants to change the name to "Born This Way."

Yep. That Lady Gaga song. But no, this is not Born This Way, this is Born With It!

The name is a reference to Maybelline's slogan, "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe its Maybelline." Who knew Maybelline's slogan had such a perfect pink? I mean, really! I wouldn't have guessed and I grew up constantly hearing "Maybe it's Maybelline" commercials during the 90s. That got old fast...

But Maybelline has been turning out great products and I know the beauty world has been doing backflips. I just haven't yet been doing backflips, because these recent "wonder products" have been a bit too expensive for me and not on sale. (Bugger.) Oh well ~

Maybelline has a great line for lips. I love Color Sensational lip liners. I am someone who, for a very long time, never wore lipstick. When I finally decided to, I tracked down a good red and went for a clear lip liner (why struggle with matching!), Maybelline's coming up as a good pick for drugstore. More recently I wanted something other than reds. Something lighter in color... Born With It came out as a color I liked and was affordable. Yay!
Maybelline lipsticks have square-shaped base and dark, magenta-toned cap for the pinks. Of course, the lipstick bullet and inner case are circular. I like the packaging, its decent and Maybelline lipsticks will line up next to each other just fine. Not that I have enough lipstick that I need to figure out how to store them though! Caps on the plum family, by the way, are more purple-toned than the caps on the pink family. I imagine red is the same way. (I saw a display at the grocery store that only had "Pinks" & "Plums," with the brown/nude shades tossed in with the pinks. Not sure if that was intentional or not!)

While you can't tell what color each one is exactly without taking off the cap, the colors are arranged in families. Reds, pinks, and plums (and nudes?). Kind of a pain that you can't see the exact color with the cap on but not a big deal. You can easily pick a color from a specific family, then narrow it by number and name. No need to sort through just numbers (a la NYX). They also have different finishes that are separated into three collections: the regular Lipcolor line, the Vivids and the Pearls. The Vivids are neon-y and have a glossy-like sheen, the Pearls are, well... They're pearly.

Left: one swipe; right: three swipes
Left: one swipe; right: three swipes with flash
Born With It is such a pretty pink. It's a nudy-pink that isn't all that opaque but it will be noticeable on lips. It can be built up to be more opaque if you choose, though it might get messy. The lipstick glides on to lips easily though it won't slip and slide around while wearing. It isn't particularly drying;  I haven't yet worn it over balm and lip liner (my normal lipstick routine) but I have worn it over some blotted balm pretty comfortably! No discernible scent aside from the usual "lipstick smell," a little shimmer that doesn't come through on the lips (I see it in the bullet but not on my lips ~ ).

This is probably my favorite pink lipstick, since I struggle with finding pink lipstick. I bought mine from Ulta, which had it priced at $7.49 and I do believe when I was at another grocery store, these were about $8. I would expect you to pay somewhere between $7 and $8, but probably closer to $8!


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