Monday, July 29, 2013

Swatches/Mini-Review: Brazen Comstics Liquid Lipstick Samples!

I have something exciting today! I signed up to get some samples of Brazen Cosmetics' reformulated Liquid Lipsticks, because they want swatches from fans.
Natural light yay
Let's see some swatches ~

I'm so excited by these. I received Trophy Wife ("Expensive Coral Peach w/Gold Shimmer"), Nerd Repellant ("The Brightest Hot Pink w/Mega Glitter") and Catalyst ("Quintessential Neutral Pink with Gold Shimmer").
Natural daylight in a window. Isn't Trophy Wife crazy?!
When I saw Trophy Wife, I swore up and down it wouldn't work. Yeah. Big mistake, because I love it on. I also fell madly in love with Nerd Repellent, though I feared it wouldn't look as pretty and loved the color of Catalyst.
Natural daylight in a window
Natural daylight at a different angle
Incandescent light of my room
Trophy Wife is definitely coral, but it's a chameleon! Bronze, orange, rust, coral-peach. So dimensional...  
Nerd Repellent. Let's see if it works ;)
Natural daylight. Soooo pretty
Nerd Repellent is my favorite: the name is funny and it's gorgeous! A beautiful hot pink with what appears to be iridescent glitter.
Natural daylight
Slightly shaded from my camera angle.
Incandescent light. Nerd Repellent on the left, Catalyst on the right
I wanted to love Catalyst but I couldn't. Its a pale, shimmery pink that looks... Well, it looks strange on me!
Natural daylight
Incandescent light
Arm swatches! The top is natural light, the lower is sitting at the computer and under incandescent light. I used my lip brush for these.

For the short time I wore these, I could tell they were pleasantly moisturizing. No discernible smell or taste, slick on lips. They would move around I think, but they sat so pleasantly.
Bare lips (and bare face!) for reference
To start, I'll show you Trophy Wife. This shade is just so crazy.
Trophy Wife under "vanity globe" lights. It's really not this sheer; this is user-error with my lip brush. Oops ~
Full, makeup-less face!
Next up is Nerd Repellent. Looooooooooove iiiiiiiiiit. I think this and Trophy Wife will look much better with foundation and eye makeup.
Nerd Repellent under "vanity globe" lights. This also probably goes on more opaque too.
This didn't come out well...

And now for Catalyst. Ummmmmmm... Both images are under the "vanity bulbs," but the top is more true-to-life whereas the bottom picture is very slightly shaded and gives a different angle to it. You know, now that I think about it, this could make a nice highlight to a lipstick!

Brazen Cosmetics has international shipping, and Liquid Lipsticks are $13.99 for an 11mL click-pen (I love them personally). Nerd Repellent is limited edition for this summer (boo!) but Trophy Wife and Catalyst are permanent. I have two other Brazen goodies to review. Do you think these are as sweet as I do?! I really need to get my hands on Nerd Repellent ~


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