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Review: Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow Love+ & Poison Plum

I love Sugarpill. Really love it. My two favorite shades?

Poison Plum and Love+.

And holy crap, was it a pain trying to get these! Both were often sold out, but I finally managed to get Love+ during their Black Pink Friday sale. Sadly, Poison Plum was sold out at that time and I had to wait even longer. After a while, I finally got it too! This is going to be a slightly long review, because I'm also going to talk about the company itself. Bear with me!
Look at all the goodies ~ This is only one of my two Sugarpill glitter stickers and one of my Chromalust samples
Close up of the two sides of one card. The sad part? I can tell you the exact colors on each model's eyes.
Close up of the second two-sided card
I don't believe that Sugarpill has a brick-and-mortar store but they're based in California. I love their range of colors, the packaging art, the lashes, their extras. I pretty much love everything. Sugarpill appears at IMATS LA, PHAMExpo, and other makeup events in California. Really wish I could go! The site is super easy to navigate and they make it clear when a product isn't in stock. Ordering is a breeze as well! Sadly, shipping has increased from $5 to $6. Not a big deal but a little disappointing. Every order comes in a white box with the Sugarpill mascot, Pillkitty, on it in pink and stuffed with pink tissue paper. Super cute ~ A random sample of Chromalust loose shadow - I have Tipsy* and Junebug (pictured), a glittery Sugarpill logo sticker (in baby pink, pictured, or blue - I've gotten both), a business card and a promo card are included with your order. Very fun. Kudos if you recognize the green-black haired beauty ~ Hint: She's a designer, a model AND a singer from Australia.
The old boxes. Love Miss Kika's artwork!!!!
Blurb from the back of the box
All Sugarpill eyeshadows, be they Chromalust, pressed or palettes, come in boxes designed by Miss Kika (you can actually see Shrinkle, owner of Sugarpill, in the picture! She's the one with turquoise/teal and purple hair!). I really love her art. Hey, it partly inspired my Alice's Adventures in Wonderland quarter sleeve! (A tattoo I don't yet have haha.) I don't have one of the updated boxes, because they were changed in May last year... You can see the new boxes on her website.
Left: Love+; Right: Poison Plum
The pressed shadows are bigger than the other few singles I have and they're also slimmer. The top has this awesome black design. With a clear top, you can easily see what color you're grabbing. Each shade in the pressed shadow line has the shade name listed on the back label. The Chromalust have their own little symbols on each label. The palettes (I so want one) have the colors listed on the back; there are currently 3 palettes, all containing shades that can bought as singles in the pressed line.

Poison Plum (the dip is actually where I had scraped away a little, because it had gone hard from a damp brush)
Left: Love+; Right: Poison Plum. No primer! Completely dry, no flash. My camera refused to focus.
Left: Love+; Right: Poison Plum. With flash and still no focus from the camera. Bugger.
Now to the shades ~ Love+ and Poison Plum. To be honest, I have an obsession with red eyeshadow! I actually make pretty decent use of it. Poison Plum was the answer to my search for the perfect dark purple. Love+ is a true, bright red and just looks beautiful. Poison Plum is exactly what it sounds like: a gorgeous deep purple that does make me think of dangerous, poisoned plums! Both shades have a shimmery look in pan but Love+ shows up very matte and Poison Plum is said to have a "semi-pearly sheen." I usually find it to be quite matte but a pretty matte. I enjoy using Poison Plum a bit sheered out on the outer corner and into the crease, usually with a light neutral (white, cream, etc). It still shows up true to pan but with some sheering, it becomes softened and when blended into a something like white, it becomes a lavender-esque color. These do stain like mad on bare skin (like fingertips and arms). I think I remember my lid being stained pink by Poison Plum but it was only for the night that I had removed my makeup, gone by the next morning.

Another point of love for Sugarpill's website is all the eyeshadows have swatches and pictures of eye looks with them. How awesome is that? Super helpful if you're on the fence for a shade, be it in a palette, a single eyeshadow or a Chromalust. It also provides an idea of how to use a shade. (There are also user-submitted tutorials, yay ~ )

So the singles and the Chromalust go for $12, with palettes for $34. Sugarpill also rolled out trios of Chromalusts for $30. Highly convenient as well! Aside from eyeshadows, they have lashes, stickers (as mentioned above and a cute keychain of Pillkitty! I recommend checking them out for all your unusual color needs. Sugarpill ships all over the world, so no worries for anyone. There's a lot of information to be had on their F.A.Q. and their Facebook page.

Whenever I get the chance, I really want to get Tako. It's a matte white but you know what? I don't have nor have I seen a matte white eyeshadow! (My two whites? One is a frost, the other a shimmery-frost type. Does that even make sense?) Partly because mattes are so... Difficult. It's difficult to get a decent formula that's pigmented, isn't dry, goes on smoothly, etc. Tako hits all of these points, yay!

And for anyone wondering, the green & black haired beauty is Amelia Arsenic, also known as DestroyX from Angelspit. I'm an Angelspit fan haha. If you're one of those lucky people who can get to IMATS LA, you'll probably see Amelia at the Sugarpill booth!! Along with the cute Shrinkle/Amy and the whole Sugarpill staff/models/generally cute & pretty people.

*I have magically lost my sample of Tipsy. Very disappointed because Tipsy is pretty!


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