Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sneak Peek: My New 12 Pc Brush set ~


I was looking for some other brushes, such as a duo-fibre brush (also called a skunk brush) and some other eyeshadow brushes. I can always use a lip brush too, which was included! I didn't want to spend more money buying single brushes and I think everyone knows how expensive makeup brushes can get!

Is it just me or is the US postal system achingly slow now?

Yep, I had to take pictures at the kitchen table of all places.
Anyway, here are my brushes and the cup they came in. Aren't they pretty? They were super soft but one of them needed to be conditioned because it was a bit scratchy. I ended up conditioning the natural bristles (the brown and white brushes, plus the powder brush).
From the top: #136 Large Powder/Blush brush (this is way too big for blush in my opinion; the real MAC is flatter, less fluffy) - #190 Foundation brush (a near perfect match but I prefer this one looking at pictures of the real 190) - #187 Duo Fibre Brush (yay, a stippling/duo fibre brush! Perfectly sized for blush; the real 187 has a bigger head) - #168 Large Angled Contour (a real dead match and super soft too!)
From the top: #316 Covered Lip brush (the metal bullet on the end comes off the handle and covers the whole brush; great to bring with you for lipstick ~) - #275  Medium Angled Shading brush (the real 275 is a bit fluffier but I already have a fluffy-ish angled shadow brush) - #273 Small Angle Brush (the bristles are so long, whyyyyy? I see no real differences with this and the real 273 aside from bristle color) - #231 Small Shader Brush (definitely not as wide as the real 231 and the bristles are longer; frankly not sure what to do with it! Can't be cut due to the synthetic bristles) - #219 Pencil Brush (if you can't tell, I tried to cut this down into a better shape. Not as pointed as the real 219) - #212 Flat Definer Brush (Little difference between the real 212 and this) - #214 Short Shader Brush(This is too long to match and I've trimmed it down some)
Yes, the numbering matches MAC brushes and yes, I truly believe they are completely fake MAC brushes. I'm not paying a premium for a brand name or for brushes that perform just as well (or sometimes worse) than cheap brushes. A tiny bit sad this doesn't have a fan brush or a fluffy blending type eye brush. I already know I'm going to use the pencil brush a lot (it's been trimmed so much). The powder brush shed like mad while I was washing it, so forewarning!! At least it shed while I was washing it.

I've washed them already which is why they look... Kind of ugly right now! I'll play around them a little and do a review after using them. This set came from eBay, for about $15 and some change. I bought them from fairyard (that's a direct link to the brush set I bought).


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