Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen

I only have three mascaras I've liked in my life. MAX FACTOR Vivid Impact (it was just okay; nothing spectacular! Was my first mascara), Avon Super SHOCK MAX (looooved it! Pretty great length and separation) and my beloved FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen. Today, it's all about the FAIRYDROPS.

In just about all my looks, the mascara I've used consistently is FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen. It was also mentioned in my review of Benefit's They're REAL! mascara. It's my Holy Grail (HG) mascara! I also recently bought another cutesy FAIRYDROPS mascara. How about some background on my favorite mascara?

FAIRYDROPS wasn't a brand I knew. At all. Even though I do browse eBay for my Japanese and Korean cosmetic fix, I hadn't seen it before. While browsing one day, I saw this luxurious-looking gold tube with pretty red designs on it. I was pretty smitten with the tube and the brush intrigued me! It was a fiber mascara, something that was a bit of a new concept for me. I then went in search of reviews, relying on the positive aspects. When I got the $24+ for it (Sephora really gouged me on the price), I bought it. I was so excited to get it! I fumbled with the brush, since I had never seen a brush like it. A short tutorial later, I was using it with confidence. WELL, HELLO THERE LASHES! Instant love-fest. Quite sad this is available from Sephora anymore; I'll have to investigate the other formulas. (Can someone tell me what "film type" mascara is?)
Scandal Queen comes in a very flashy, foiled box. I kept it because its pretty and, well, the Japanese on the box didn't translate well in English. It's a funny and cute read! It's very readable but isn't completely clear (oh well. I think they used Google Translate to be honest).
One of the kittens scratched me...
I love this tube; because its so shiny, you can't miss it! It's a a basic tube, a little long and fat. The wand itself is also long but not so long its problematic. The brush consists of three oval-shaped balls that curve into a parenthesis-like shape. I can't accurately tell you what the bristles are like, because I can't see them! It's all the fibers in the mascara.
Look at those fibers!
Scandal Queen has a drier-feeling formula that's perfect, pure blackness (it's actually Deep Glossy Black), but it goes on lashes wonderfully.* My lashes don't have any particular or noticeable curl; maybe a slight curve but they're pretty straight otherwise. I only normally use 1 coat, maybe 2. The result is length, maybe some volume (I never notice volume anyway), and no clumpy lashes! It really helps in opening up my eyes. I never bother with curling my lashes but I suppose I should to see how this holds a curl, right? During wear, I don't find fibers flaking off or falling into my eye. I don't think I've had this ruined with tears during wear either... It can and will get all over your under eye area when you wash your face. Whoops! ~ This will remove easily by just wetting your fingertips with warm water, gently gripping your lashes between your index and thumb then sliding the fibers off between your fingertips. Simplest makeup to remove.

If you want to try this particular mascara, you'll be forced to buy it from Amazon or another online retailer; however, you can find FAIRYDROPS' other mascaras on Sasa, Pretty & Cute and other places. At the moment, Pretty & Cute only has the Volume Burst (Waterproof) in the pink tube but FAIRYDROPS has so many mascaras! I intend to try more of their mascaras (like the regular one, if there's such a creature, or any other FAIRYDROPS. I ask again, can someone tell me what a "film type" mascara is?)

ALSO ~ I ordered the limited edition HbG x FAIRYDROPS mascaras. They offer pink and brown on Pretty & Cute at $17, which goes up to about $20 with shipping (assuming you pick their basic shipping). They DO offer international shipping if you aren't able to get Asian beauty products where you live, because I know I have a lot of international readers. Since I made an account, I got a coupon code for signing up! You can save some money by signing up before making your order and they have nice benefits with their points program.

I sound like a sales person now, don't I? I admit, I might sign on to their affiliate program! I like the selection a lot! In their program, I get compensated when I hit $100 through my links with a "love package." Very tempting...

PS: Why have I not updated the blog? Because the kittens have been underfoot all the time, and one was swatting my mascara when I was trying to take photos, it's made it really difficult. My usual set-up wasn't set up when I was ready to do pictures. I have two reviews waiting, so hope against hope that I can actually manage to get not-completely-blurry photos.


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