Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bored/Frustrated: Pastel Pink to...?

I didn't really get the effect I want and have been looking at lots of hair styling stuff. Humph.

Not happy ~
I only went 41 days with pastel pink, with one part being full-on Atomic Pink rather than pastel pink. It was very frustrating! I plan to one day get Ion Color Brilliant Brights Pastels in probably the rose color.

For now, I have a custom mix of Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Teal, Special Effects Atomic Pink and a little Hot Topic RAW Candy Pink with tons of conditioner. I intend to clarify it a little since the color did darken while it was on my hair.
This is Color Oops. I hate it.
These are bottles of Color Oops. I still hate it.
I attempted to use Color Oops to no avail. Never again will I try it! Next I used clarifying shampoo, known for it's color-sucking. Nope! No go. Well, now my bangs were clean but still bright in that one section. Blegh! I hit my bangs for a little with the blow dryer, so I could move on to mixing.

I went through several mixes and finally figured out: Teal + Atomic Pink + tiny amount of Candy Pink + conditioner. GENIUS! It turned out okay, really. I was pleased with the color. Put it on, combed it through, and found it turned a bit cornflower blue when wiped on my "Hair Coloring" shirt. Yes, I have a shirt set aside just for when I use bleach or start playing with colors.
The after of all that work! I also washed my hair again (Saturday night/Sunday morning) with a color-safe shampoo.
I clarified my hair again while I was rinsing the dye+conditioner mix, to make absolutely sure I got the exact color I wanted. That was followed by more conditioner and L'Oreal's Total Repair 5 balm. I love that stuff. Hydrates my hair, makes it feel great (not that it's really damaged feeling/looking, but it was dry from the clarifying shampoo and Color Oops!), and it actually sort of weighs on the hair. You don't feel it on the hair but you can see that your hair might look straighter. Mine dried straighter, which makes me a very, very happy girl.

For those of you thinking, "If you had a candy pink color dye, why didn't you use it in the first place?" Well, I had bought this when I was maybe 14. I had already bleached my hair, was prepared to do my hair pink. Much to my dismay, the pink didn't so much as stain my hair. When I was putting some in my lavender-purple mix, a bit got on the bathroom floor. It didn't stain the tile even! That may be a good thing for the floor, but that translates to no real color transfer to my hair. I hope that by adding it into my mix, it gave it a more purple look with the Teal.

Sometime later, I really want to get my hands on Ion's pastels or even Pravana. I want pastel hair so badly!

I will update this with a picture of the lavender VS the pink. The lavender will be quicker though in better lighting (the pink was in my bathroom, so yellow-y looking)


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