Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Can I call it a "Haul"? Tiny haul?

After failing to get to Ulta Sunday afternoon, I got there Monday afternoon. I was looking for two items and to get swatches, check stuff out. Do my usual thing when I go to Ulta.
But can I call the two small things I bought at Ulta a haul? Does it count? I don't really "haul" stuff... More in terms of the definition rather than makeup but here goes I guess?

If you've read the Strawberry Milk review, then you know: I can't find my perfect pink lipstick. It has been a quest (not one so interesting as what I do in Skyrim or any other video games). It's been a b***h too. You see, the market tends to be flooded by pinks I dislike; hot pinks, fuchsia and coral-pinks. I admit, corals are pretty. But not for me!

Then there are the pinks I can't wear no matter what Ze Boyfriend says! (Yes, he does make positive/negative comments on my makeup. Such as he loves the way Urban Decay's Shattered, a sky-reflected-on-the-pool-like blue with a yellow-gold sheen, looks on my eyes.) I chose based on recommendations for "cool-toned fair skin" and narrowed the field on what I liked from the recommendations.

I now have a hardcore love of the NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita but I want to dupe it. While I was searching, I figured I would look for some other blush options and see if I couldn't widen my lip options. Thanks to the Temptalia "My Recommendations Guide" for fair skin (covers both cool and warm), I found I madly love MAC Well Dressed blush (after hating literally every other MAC shade listed!), intend to buy it from eBay since its cheaper and I don't have to buy directly from MAC. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Because MAC blush is $21 and I feel like they're ripping you off... There are dupes of Well Dressed but two I don't feel are that close, one of the two (e.l.f. Shy blush) is closer than its counterpart (NYX Angel powder blush) and I haven't yet checked the other dupe recommended.
Isn't it pretty?
Anywho, I think I skipped over the lipsticks. I know there's another guide for lipsticks for every person, broken down from Fair, Medium and Deep to cool and warm tones but here are the guides for Medium and Deep ladies and gents. (I admit, it's an old guide!) The lipstick guide that I can't find led to my recent obsession with a Maybelline lipstick. It's from their Color Sensational line, 015 Born With It. On me, I feel its a bit "My Lips But EVEN BETTER! :D " and that was when I tried it without even a little concealer.

Back to the Recommendations guide I mentioned. I had watched a video in which MAC Omega was used as a contour. I had also decided I need a new contour shade, to actually do something (this was after my total used error with my Sweethearts blush). Omega was listed under the eyeshadow section and had been suggested on other forums as a contour for fair girls. Well, dang, I need me some Omega!

But you know, don't you? I dislike MAC. It's the prices and quantity mostly... Fortunately, Omega is a dupeable color. So, my dear Too Faced lovers (I know you're out there), if you have the Natural Eye palette with Velvet Revolver, you have Omega. Congratulations. However, if you're me and can't spend $40 on a palette (as pretty as the palette is; have a friend who has it!), then you go for the cheapest dupe.
Double watermarks? It's because I watermarked the images before I made the collage.
A lowly eyeshadow duo, also from Maybelline, from the Expert Wear line. I call the duo lowly because I think it's out shined by its colorful brethren in the same duo line up. It's only sold at a few places and Ulta is one of them in the US. The duo is 70D Browntones. I snatched up the last one from my Ulta! Yaaaaaaay!

Row 1: Strawberry Parfait - Éclair - Peaches & Cream. Row 2. Crème brûlée - Peach Cobbler - Tiramisu. Row 3: Apple Strudel - Vanilla Creme Pie - Cherry Cheesecake. Row 4: Maple Blondie - Cherry Pie.

While I was at Ulta, I again swatched the Butter Lipgloss and the list goes left to right. They just smell so divine upon opening... The smell disappears quickly, so no worries for those sensitive to scented makeup. I can get over the slight stickiness for the color and shine! This time was more organized. I only missed one color, which was (I think) Meringue, and made an organized list of how they were swatched. Still totally wanting Éclair and Cherry Pie, maybe Maple Blondie and Apple Strudel too. The lighter shades did tend to have a fair amount of pigment. They feel... Gel-like, I guess is the best explanation. They're popular at my local store (sigh). I did check for Buenos Aires and Sydney from the Soft Matte Lip Cream line at my Ulta because I know its a popular search but I can't provide my own swatches. Sorry ladies & gents! The crappy photo is because I was out in a pet store that's next to Ulta and only had my iPod.

Whenever I wear Born With It and Browntones, I'll get reviews up. I can say right now that I love Born With It on and it feels beautiful ~

Update: OH OH OH HEY!! I forgot to mention: NYX is changing their eyeshadow single packaging on the Nude Mattes and the Glam Eyeshadow to more of a rounded, bubble-like top. See??? It's kind of cute! The new packaging is already in Ulta stores for the Nude Mattes.

(I use FotoFlexer's EZ Collage for my collage making ~ )


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