Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in 595 Strawberry Milk

I don't really like strawberry milk, I never really liked it as a child. I can't even drink milk anymore.

But this is a Strawberry Milk I can actually have.

I really liked Yves Saint-Laurants Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink #7. Didn't like the price so much. I know girls love YSL for the luxury and their products but I can't partake because of the high price. Nope. Can't do it.
Instead I started looking for YSL dupes through Temptalia's Dupe List, a well-loved feature of the website. Strawberry Milk was on the list, and its from a brand I'm familiar with. I tried very hard to find swatches, reviews, and find the actual product at Ulta! Reviews were a bit mixed and few, swatches didn't have great lighting (sometimes I feel like mine have terrible lighting but I try!) and of course, every single time I went to Ulta it was sold out. Didn't want to buy this one lipstick online, seemed like a waste as the price would be higher because of shipping.

I finally did find it at Ulta, after having given up and letting the color go entirely. I don't think I've been more frustrated in my life to find something!
Strawberry Milk cap left, Electra cap right
This lipstick's packaging differs a little from Electra's packaging. Round, black plastic case with NYX emblazoned on it minus any flourishes like on Electra's cap.
Strawberry Milk's "cap" color doesn't match the lipstick whereas Electra's cap matches. Electra has gel in it, but Strawberry Milk might be lipstick!
At the bottom is a clear "cap" with what actually may be lipstick this time! It melts under the heat of my finger, feels slick. The "cap" also shows some microfine silver glitter even though the lipstick itself is a cream and the "cap" color is actually paler, leaning somewhat lavender. The lipstick's number (595) is printed on the bottom in white. I found out what's inside the "cap" (which, thankfully, isn't part of the lipstick itself!) when Electra rolled off the bathroom counter and the bottom had come off. On the top of the real cap is the color name, shade number and product amount again without the flourishes seen on Electra. The cap gives a satisfying click back onto the base of the case.

The color is a bit hard to describe... I think it leans closer to Fetish Pink #8 than Lingerie Pink #7! It's fairly bright, a bit bubblegum-like. It's quite pretty but I don't really find that I can wear it. I fear it might have yellow undertones, though NYX says it has blue undertones. It just doesn't seem to work for me, even with my face done. I don't know. I feel like I should be able to wear it because I'm so pale (I've seen women who are severely tanned trying to wear this and it looks awful; I also don't feel like it works well for girls with a medium or olive complexion but to each her/his own). Maybe it just works better certain people and I'm not that person. It's perplexing!

Without flash, near a window with daylight
Taken while sitting at the computer
Bare lips, just lip balm
One layer of Strawberry Milk
This also seems to be very sheer on my lips but I think it's due the color of my lips naturally. I do want to try and find a pale pink lip liner to use with this but I don't really bother with matching lipstick with liner, I just use clear liner. Yes, this is lazy but at least I won't get weird, patchy lips of two different colors!

Per the usual, you can find NYX at Ulta and online at NYXCosmetics.com, as well as other online shops. NYX sells these for $4.00 even but Ulta has them listed for $3.99. Oh the silliness of pricing... I encourage you to find the best price on these. I really do like the Round Lipsticks, they're cheap and I've liked the colors, creaminess. I hope to try more of the range if I can find them in person. (Not likely but a girl can dream, right?)

I plan on redoing all lip swatches, they will be posted to my Facebook in a Swatch Gallery I do believe. I'll do a Swatch Gallery here too. I really want pink lipstick. Not fuchsia, not hot pink, not Barbie pink! Just pink. The basic, little-girl's-unicorn-room pink. No one seems to understand this want of a non-bright lipstick. I also don't care for coral lipsticks particularly!


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