Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Affiliate: PinkyParadise Circle Lens Store

I've mentione before in maybe one or two posts that I have worn circle lenses and loved them. Like really, really loved them.

Well, now, I'm affiliated with PinkyParadise, my favorite and preferred lens store.

PinkyParadise was the first place I ever bought lenses from. I was always so wowed by the people on YouTube who wore lenses and really wanted them. When I had watched a review on YouTube of PinkyParadise, I immediately went looking for lenses I loved. I decided on the G&G Sweet Lace lenses in Violet, with -0.00 power (Plano lenses).

They were only 14.5 mm but they made my eyes look so much bigger ~ I later bought the Vassen Dolly+ Red in the same year. Not so much enlarging but they did make my eyes look red and looked natural (as natural as red can be!).
Sugar skull-ish makeup from last year. It was rushed! Pink is Atomic Pink by Special Effects
When I had to get rid of them, I was admittedly sad but I had my eye on the GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey. They were my first 15 mm lenses! I loved them, though the gray looked unnatural on my eyes. It was very bright but they were so pretty ~ I highly recommend them and other GEO lenses, if you want gorgeous looking eyes in stunning color. You can see my Sesame Grey lenses up there :D

If you don't need corrective lenses, you can get them with no power by selecting -0.00. I had done this initially, before I got corrective lenses and was able to buy circle lenses that would let me see without wearing glasses with them.

You have to soak your lenses after you get them. I usually open the vial and empty the solution in them while leaving the lenses inside. I fill the vials with my solution and put the rubber stoppers back on to soak. You need to leave them for 8 hours, but I leave them soaking overnight (I get my mail late in the day personally).

I very highly recommend PinkyParadise and please, use my affiliate link! For me, it only takes about a week and a half to receive my lenses. They have a great range, along with user-submitted photos of lenses which can give you an idea of how the lenses will look on you personally!

When I find my pictures where I have my Dolly+ Red lenses and the Sesame Gray lenses, I'll post them. I don't have any good pictures of the Dolly+ Red. Sorry!

PS: To the person who posted that comment (I have removed it, because really, I found it rude) and to everyone else: Solution-Lens appears sketchy. They don't offer corrective lenses if you are in need of corrective lenses. They offer free shipping but if these are coming from Malaysia, then you might not even get a tracking code. In reality, they offer the same thing most lens stores offer: a free lens case, lots of colors, designs, etc but only in Plano (-0.00). Many places offer corrective powers. They also say "cheap lenses," which is always a scary thought. Cheap lenses? No thank you! PinkyParadise, I can assure you, offers real lenses (I've bought 3 pairs before, never had a problem).


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  1. "Sorry but now that I tried so many shops I really prefer products from Solution-lens as they only have genuine items and they offer 1 free pair for every order of 2 pairs, I
    loooove them so much hahaha !!!

    And PinkyParadise has real items too. This is quite a rude comment, which will be deleted after this. Did you come here just to be rude? How unpleasant! Goodbye!


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