Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Spring Forward Going in the Wild Palette

URG. This palette! It's slightly frustrating... I like the colors. I like the brand. But application?

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... It has to be the most frustrating stuff to apply. I really think it needs the proper primer, I'm thinking something very creamy and for the pastels, a white base. I plan to invest in NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, the rave of the beauty world.
I like the Jumbo Pencils, just never bought Milk. Back to the palette though.

I have to wonder, is my problem the brush I'm using? I really like Wet n Wild palettes! They make 3- and 8-pan palettes that are very cheap but very worth it. Pigmentation, soft. Their collections are nice too, aside from the Fergie collaboration (the palettes? DON'T BOTHER! So bad!).
For spring, Wet n Wild put out the limited edition Spring Forward collection. The collection included two palettes, with I think something like 4 of each palette per display? The two palettes were Nude Awakening and Going in the Wild. Like all limited edition Wet n Wild, this was a giant pain to find. I hate Wet n Wild for one reason: limited edition anything. Stores in my area just don't pick up the limited edition collections, so I can't indulge in these little gems. Life is so frustrating for me sometimes.

These palettes were white instead of the usual black, with white flowers on the lower left and upper right corners. Pretty, right? These are cheaply packaged but really, it's drugstore makeup. You can't ask for a lot! I will say I have broken these eyeshadow before and if the palette drops from a counter, most likely you will have the issue of the palette popping open and the eyeshadow possibly breaking.

I agree with others: the colors are mismatched. I feel they're more mismatched on the right than the left. The left is at least shades of purple! None of the shades have names, they're just stamped with "Definer," "Crease," etc.
Starting on the left: we have a lovely pink-toned, cream Browbone shade that is super sheer yet has a lovely shimmer on the skin. It's near invisible because of how sheer it is, but it's still buttery smooth. The Eyelid color throws me off; eyelid? Really? It's darker than the Crease shade! It's a browny-purple tone with gold shimmer. Its pretty, soft, on the sheer side when I transfer it to my arm but buildable. The Crease is my favorite. Lavender. So pretty ~ ! Its just such a pleasing color. The Definer is a fail for me. It's soft, buttery but looks dry. A blackened-plum with purple glitter, one I wished wasn't so bad looking on swatching on my arm. (I use my fingers and swipe them on my arm.)
Lavender gone over 3 times with a soft touch.
Now to the right: we start with my least favorite color! YELLOW. Its sheer yet still noticeably yellow. It's pretty, don't get me wrong; I just despise the color. For the Eyelid is a stunning minty green. This is why I wanted the palette so badly. THAT MINTY GREENNESS. This is the shade I think needs a white base to go over, because when I tried to use it, I had to build it up. On building it up, it seemed to get darker to my eye. Its got a great formula nonetheless. The Crease is a pretty okay brown, reminds me of Urban Decay's Smog in the pan. No shock this comes off nicely. This Definer is also dry looking; just like the blackened-purple, but this time is greenish-black with green glitter. Pretty! But doesn't transfer to my arm well on swatching too.
Mint gone over ONCE with a light touch, yellow gone over twice.
I do have some shades by Wet n Wild in one of the discontinued 6-pan palettes that were sheer, dry, problematic. Just difficult shades to work with, really. They have obviously stepped up their game. Wet n Wild often sends the blogging world into a frenzy. It turns into a shark tank and there's blood in the water. No shock really! For a couple dollars, you can walk away with a pleasing palette.

You're probably wondering how exactly I got my hands on this palette when I couldn't find it in store. I turned to eBay. I found the one with the most reasonable price of $15. These palettes only sell for $4.99 and these were sold out in the stores that were something like 10 minutes away. Not my best day, I admit. I don't usually go for this type of thing.

Oh well...

I highly recommend you check out Wet n Wild if you can. In the States, this shouldn't be a problem and I think Canada has Wet n Wild as well. You can always go online to look for Wet n Wild if it's not available where you live. I really prefer finding products that are available to anyone (or nearly available). This seems rather limited to me personally, because I know I have readers in Europe, Asia, South America, and Canada. I try my best though. I know what I like, what I want to review, etc and I'm always happy to check out a recommendation. If you have any, please let me know!


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