Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm sorry, I have a sinus infection!

Normally, I would post and do my pictures. Get them cropped, maybe adjust lighting so its more accurate or sharpen the photo, and watermark them.

However! Friday, my energy level dropped 100 fold by the time I got to Ze Boyfriend's. Most of Friday, I was feeling okay. My nose was stuffed when I woke up but it cleared when I sat up in bed. Didn't think any of it but then the base of my skull, where it meets the top of my neck and spine, started to hurt horribly. Really tried not to think about it, went on doing my makeup (which I really want to post! I thought it was gorgeous and will work on various skintones!), and the pain went away.

Later on, as afternoon turned to night, I just got lethargic. My nose became stuffed up relatively quickly, my throat started to hurt, and I wanted to roll over and die. I haven't been much up to doing things, I had a tutorial I was going to do but it's being put off for the time being since I don't have the energy.

I will finish up whatever reviews that are waiting, one mainly needs photos and I need to watermark my photos from the look. I'm sorry, everyone. I don't normally get sick! I get a sinus infection maybe once a year and I don't have allergies.

I'll be taking it easy and working on getting better for the time being. Posts might be slowed. One good thing about this weekend: Ze Boyfriend had been to an arcade/carnival-type thing and won me two Hello Kitty plushies. They're adorable. One has a punk-y theme of black and pink, with striped stockings.


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