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Review: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Loose Colour Concentrate in Datura

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Or OCC. They're the new kids at Sephora, who are making waves and an old favorite of many bloggers. I fell hard for their signature Lip Tars, a super pigmented liquid lipstick that dries to a semi-matte finish. One thing I always remind people: you only need the tiniest drop.

But I'm not reviewing Lip Tars today, though I have two on my list that I have fallen madly in love with.

No, today, I'm reviewing OCC's Loose Colour Concentrates. Loose Colour Concentrates are exactly what they sound like: loose color pigments with a range of uses. They're very finely milled, are well-filled and have a very exciting range of colors to choose from! I chose Datura because I really have never seen anything like it.
The packaging is simple but effective. A small, clear  jar that screws shut tight with a sifter. On the top is OCC's logo and on the bottom is a silver sticker with ingredients, the color name. I like it! You can see exactly how much is in the jar, how much is in the top between the sifter and lid. It's not overfilled like I feel many sifter jars are/can be. Just so I don't even possibly get the pigment all over my makeup bag, I put it in a plastic baggy. Not because I don't trust the packaging but I have had to deal with leakage of loose eyeshadows (that aren't from OCC) in the past.

From the side. Quite full, right?
See the faint pinky glitter?
With flash, this color becomes a bit washed out but this looks closer to the real color in the pot.
Datura is an interesting color, named for a very pretty plant. It was originally released with OCC's The Garden collection for Spring/Summer 2012. It's a pale pink in the jar with a beautiful lavender duochrome, and comes off more lavender while still noticeably pink when applied. I love duochrome eyeshadows. So stunning. This can be used dry or wet (this means a DAMP brush!!!); dry, it's not as intense but wet? Look out, glamorous duochrome coming through! I would love to use (and plan to!) Datura as an inner corner highlight because its sheerer dry and the duochrome effect gives it a nice pop. Of course, you can't go wrong layering a duochrome over black eyeliner or any color, really. Have fun with it! The best tip I can offer for using loose eye products: just lightly dip the brush in, tap off excess over the pot and then pat (don't sweep!) it into place on the eye. When it's in place, you shouldn't have a problem with blending or fallout.

I have ended up with duochrome shadow on top of my mascara before accidentally but it was actually quite pretty! I had it on my lid and over Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (another love that I need to review, even if it's just basic black). This is going to be so fun to play with ~

From the left: Acacia, Mimosa, Triptych, Foxfire and Datura; Glitter in Fae. Image is from Karen, the wonderful woman behind Makeup & Beauty Blog. Karen is super awesome ~
I bought my pigment at Blushbaby Makeup Studio in Atlanta for $14.00 and highly recommend them to buy OCC from in the Atlanta area. Here's a little secret... I could stand a chance to meet the man behind the brand: David Klasfeld. He is GORGEOUS (to me) and I actually find him to be kinda attractive (SHHHHH DON'T TELL ZE BOYFRIEND). I will most definitely be going crazy over him if I meet him.

There are a variety of places to get OCC from, check here to see. You can, of course, buy OCC online from Sephora. OCC has a great range; products for lips, nails, eye, face. Airbrush products, tools like brushes and multipurpose products!

PS: I used this with an eye look that didn't do it justice. I had used Milk as a base for the lavender shade from the Wet n Wild Going in the Wild palette and used Datura for the inner corner and browbone. I think because I used one brush for both the lavender eyeshadow and Datura, that Datura also picked up some of the lavender in the inner corner! Oops. Guess it's time to wash my brushes!

PPS: I updated lip swatches ~ Yay!


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