Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Odd Haul — Or What I Got at Dragon*Con

I'm back from Dragon*Con with a few pictures. Costumes were somewhat unremarkable! Not for lack of trying but there weren't many stunning costumes or characters that I wanted to stop the person and take a picture! Plus the one costume I wanted to see wasn't there sadly.

I do have photos with some musicians though as well as band merch, various shirts and things.
Partial view of my costume with the lovely dancers/backup singers of The Crüxshadows. (I feel like I really stupid in this picture but I don't care)
With Rogue, lead singer of The Crüxshadows. His hair is AWESOME.
Right this second, I don't have a full-costume photo but I have a photo of my makeup and wig. I'll put one together showing me wearing it with the wig, the outfit laid out and the accessories. The photos of my makeup aren't that great. (But this did result in some girl's friends starting to whisper and point me out; we both were doing Stocking Anarchy, but she looked a like she was supposed to be doing Stocking's formal wear from the episode "Sex and the Daten City." Another girl as Stocking Anarchy wanted to do a "Stocking photo" which I happily obliged to! She was nice about it ~ )

I had a pretty nice con nonetheless. I got blisters going from the car to registration! It was awful. I had to comb out my wig again due to friction of the wig with my bag, wind and the bangs sticking to my forehead. Once I got fixed up, I was able to leave with Ze Boyfriend, only needing to stop again to fix the bandages, comb the wig, apply my false lashes that really helped finish off my look and apply rice powder to dry the sweat and refresh my makeup.

By the way, my dear readers, I have a secret for a matte face that lasts for several hours in heat, air conditioning and your makeup shouldn't sweat off when you're walking between places outside! I'll tell you what I did in another post though.
A small portion of what I got
Onto what I got! Ze Boyfriend went without me for Friday and Saturday of the con, because I only wanted to go Sunday–it was an inexpensive day and the people I wanted to see wouldn't be so busy then. While he was there, he got a free "Skinny Little B***h" wristband (the red wristband above) from Angelspit because he's a skinny guy. It was pretty funny! He also got a wristband for Miss Ballistic, who I think is an upcoming artist. Alongside this, he got a "Wreak Havoc" lanyard which I stole heehee.
He's such a sweetheart for doing this for me.
Front and back of my Crüxshadows shirrt
Birthday sample CD in the upper left; lower right is As the Dark Against My Halo, bought last year ~
This is only my second Crüxshadows CD ~
He's such a sweetheart and I'll tell you why: he bought me a Black Hood shirt, designed by Amelia Arsenic, and waited around for it to be signed by Zoog Von Rock! Approximately 4 hours to get the shirt signed for me on Friday. On top of this, he got me a shirt for The Crüxshadows and a sample CD. As I type this (it was written Sunday night), he's asleep next to me on the couch. ♡ Saturday he got me black and green striped socks that are very nice and I plan to wear them this winter.
Random red box, right? Wrong.
Sunday when I went with him, I had hoped to buy Hello My Name Is by Angelspit with a coupon I had from them but only Hideous and Perfect was left. Not that I was complaining! I also scoped out the jewelry, hoping to possibly get a Destroy necklace, scalpel necklace, a ribcage necklace, or the X heart earrings. I got none of these, maybe another time. Their necklaces are stunning statement pieces and a splurge–the earrings aren't too bad on price and ones I would wear lots. Instead, Ze Boyfriend pitched in for me to get a USB pill that contains every album ever released by Angelspit with exclusive content. The super sweet (and epic) woman at their table let us get three bracelets for buying the pill. How awesome is that?
Holy flying bats, I was excited. What it made better was I got to meet Zoog myself and he signed the USB pill. He was super duper busy so I wasn't going to ask him to stop for a photo. I'm such a loser ahaha ~ Squealing over a band and the merch I got ~

Before meeting Zoog though, we went to the dealer's room where I scoped out some lolita-y dresses. I didn't see any that really spoke to me and I was trying to conserve the rest of my money for a top+skirt combo I'm planning on getting soon.

Then along came the shirt table...

There's this group that shows up every year with geeky shirts that I have never seen anywhere else. Being fans of  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (and The Elder Scrolls in general), Ze Boyfriend insisted on getting me a Hello Kitty x Skyrim shirt. The shirt says "Fus Ro Meow!!" with Kitty wearing the iconic Iron Helmet, armor that looks somewhat like the Iron Armor and an arrow in her knee. I am so tired of the "I took an arrow to the knee" meme... I don't even like the guards saying it! Anywho, it's an awesome shirt and I love it. (I'm wearing while I type this sentence ~ :D )

All the bracelets! YAY ~ !
Ze Boyfriend also got a nice haul (he doesn't buy clothes/accesories/CDs I like do very much). He gave me all his bracelets for Angelspit and bought Wrath of Fate by "Captain" Robert Brown, lead singer of steampunk band Abney Park. It was signed by everyone and he bought one of Kevin Dockery's books,the title of which I can't recall. That was also signed him, who Ze Boyfriend describes as "a snarky old guy."  I can not agree more with this description, it is dead on.

Whenever I put on my costume again, I'll get full pictures. I'll be posting it on a cosplay forum for critiques/pointers anyway. I'll do my smudge test for my Urban Decay eyeliners soon, too! Whenever the Netherworld photos get uploaded, I'll post them too ~ I think that's the only full-body photo in my "possession." By the way, that's probably the only photo you'll see of Ze Boyfriend! Still waiting on my photo, but here's Ze Boyfriend!
He doesn't really like taking photos but I'm not going to force him into one ~ (Obviously, he's wearing the camo jacket.)
These two pictures have nowhere in particular to go but you need to see them! This is an epic "cosplay"!

This is an Ohmu "cosplay" that Ze Boyfriend was kind enough to snap for me on Saturday ~ They're from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, a Hiyao Miyazaki film
When the Ohmu get mad, the globes on their hides turn red as you see here.


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