Thursday, September 19, 2013

I haven't been posting ~

I haven't been posting.

I know, shame on me. BUT! I hope to put something up to make up for it.

I was doing some testing with Photoshop CS, because I became a bit inspired by a rant! How does a rant lead to an inspired makeup look? I don't know. But here's how my test came out:

What I did here won't be the method I use when I actually go to add the effects to my photos. I'm not really retouching my skin (only a little, but this isn't for vanity! what I was planning didn't pan out for me--very time consuming and frustrating!) to be flawless, but I do want some dynamic effects for the photo. I probably won't get it up till Monday or Tuesday-ish.

By the way, I've been plotting Halloween tutorials ~ What comes of this will not be a tutorial.


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