Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hair Update: The Road to Going Blonde

I told you it was coming. Didn't say when, but I told you!

So I'm going blonde...

All over blonde, not just the bangs. I've wanted to do this in the past but it didn't work out so well; I put Special Effects Nuclear Red and Atomic Pink over it because it was so uneven. I liked the Nuclear Red and Atomic Pink combo, but I didn't have the patience or enough dye to refresh it.

This time, I'm doing it differently. I did a bleach cap all over, because I have to lift out the pink (Atomic Pink covered by Jerome Russell PUNKY COLOURS Flamingo Pink), purple and the teal as well as trying to lighten my very difficult, virgin hair on the bottom layer. The area that's the absolute darkest (because it's all natural) and hardest section to bleach. This is where I had the most problems when I tried going blonde the first time!

The bleach cap was on for a pretty unspecified amount of time. I tend to eyeball it and after checking it likely an hour later, I set a timer for 30 minutes just to get the right amount of lightening in the back. Here's how that came out!
Please excuse the slightly oily roots and blurry photo. I'm not used to photographing the top of my head!
Like I said, lifting out pink, purple and teal! I always like the pastelled  look of Teal and Atomic Pink/Flamingo Pink.

Not bad and I actually like the lighter brownish shade at the back (though you can't see it in my photos). I might do another bleach cap in two weeks or so; my ends feel a little dry but the rest of my hair feels and looks fine. If not a bleach cap, I'll use the regular, undiluted bleach. I intend to slather some coconut oil on my head when I shower next to revive my ends and perk up my hair!

By the way, I'm going to review the bleach I used and possibly the dye brands/colors I use. Partly because the bleach had this ridiculously overpowering scent to it; some bleaches have scents or oils with scents added to get rid of the acrid ammonia smell and make the bleach more moisturizing. It's horrible sometimes... I've already said this, but I will be using the last bit of Nuclear Red I have on the ends of my bangs. I don't think I have enough for all my ends sadly.


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