Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue (Why This is Glitter'sBest Friend)

I've mentioned this stuff but have never actually reviewed it or talked too much about it.

So let's talk about why I am madly in love with this stuff and why I think it's glitter's best friend.

I wanted to follow Kandee's glittery holiday eye makeup because it was so pretty and fun. She used Urban Decay's eyelash glue, which I have but I don't really care for it... It's rather annoying for application because its almost too sticky for eyelash glue. And I was worried it would maybe be patchy/sticky despite the glitter on top. Ewww.

I knew this stuff existed but I never really ventured into Too Faced's section. Nothing in particular had interested me, since I already had Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion (which the squeeze tube version is unpleasantly dry and does ugly things to my under eye area! Hello fine lines and weird skin texture). Wanting to do that makeup and knowing there weren't any other readily-available, made-for-glitter primers (gloss doesn't work, it makes a mess), I grabbed this and went off to the register.

If you can't tell, the watermark program I used to use hasn't been working.
This comes in a simple black tube with a black tip and blue metal cap that screws on just tight enough that you can feel safe in that your Glue won't dry out or something ugly like that. This looks almost exactly like the Shadow Insurance tube but the frame is more girly, with a holographic background and curly text.

Un-blended top, blended on the bottom. You actually need LESS than that.
The Glue is a nude-beige color; your standard "comes out nude, goes on invisible" primer look. This is much thicker than the watery Shadow Insurance (I don't have it, but I know it's sort of liquidy) and thicker than creamy (but dry, ew) Primer Potion. It's also sticky so wash your hands after you apply it to your eyes. You need to apply a little more pressure to the tube to get it out but it won't squirt out too much due to the thick, sticky consistency. You don't even need much. Less than a pea-sized amount to cover from the lash line to the crease!
Hello favorite brushes ~
You don't want to smear or rub this on because it is sticky and if you're doing this over eyeshadow, that will make a mess of your eyeshadow. Best method of application is light taps with your finger over your eyeshadow up to wherever you want your glitter to stop. This will remove a little bit of shadow but not enough to be noticeable; you won't have a random bald spot of color. It can make your eyelid stick just a little when you close your eye but it's not like you glued your eyelid open. Kind of feels weird, when I try to close my eye after applying this to put on glitter. Patting your glitter on top with a flat Philbert brush (you know my favorite for this is the original NAKED palette eyeshadow brush) is the best means to get even coverage and adherence. You can use this with glitter eyeshadow and it works amazing if you worry about fallout! Obviously, with glitter eyeshadow, you really need to pat that on since they tend to be sheer. Your brush will get very lightly stuck—I notice this mainly with my denser, natural bristle brushes which I prefer for glitter eyeshadow because they can really dig in and pick up the color and glitter, but I've never had transfer issues where I find the glue on the brush. If I'm using glittery eyeshadow, I usually prime with regular primer then put the Glue on top.

Diamante by tokidoki
I wouldn't recommend using that lavender glitter on your eyes; it's quite large!
For my example swatches, I used Diamante by tokidoki and a loose body glitter from WalMart's Halloween section. (Yeah, yeah, cheapo glitter.) Diamante is actually one of my favorite shades, a very pale pink with a very faint golden sheen and semi-fine, chunky silver glitter

Wear time on this is great. I never have issues with creasing, fading or fallout of the shadow or any weird glitter-creasing; any fallout I experience is usually from initial application and not during wear. The first time I used it, I asked Ze Boyfriend if there was a glitter-splosion on my face and he said there were only three specks of glitter. Three. Specks. Of. Glitter. I love it with glitter-laden eyeshadows that usually have fallout, because it all just disappears and I seem to need less layers of eyeshadow for pigmentation. (This makes Urban Decay's Provocateur, a pretty pinky-lavender glitter-bomb with an interestingly creamy-seemingly wet texture, epic!)

I always talk about this when people complain about glitter fallout. It's a glitter eyeshadow, this is what happens. It's in the nature of glitter eyeshadow to have fallout, especially if you sweep instead of pat and don't use a sticky primer. It's really the savior of glitter eyeshadow! You might be thinking this is more work, but when you want glitter or glittery eyeshadow and really don't want to look like a disco ball (who ever does?!), use this. You won't regret it.

This is $20 and available at Sephora, Ulta and, shockingly, not on (you can get their other Shadow Insurance options). I highly recommend this, even if you don't use any of the regular Shadow Insurance options but want to experiment with glitter. Obviously, there's Lit's beloved Clearly Liquid Liquid Glitter Base and Eye Kandy's Liquid Sugar (Eye Kandy's isn't that great from what I've heard!) but I have neither. I'm also a little intimidated by liquid adhesives like those! I do want to try out Lit's glitters though and their Clearly Liquid, I haven't had the chance yet.  For now, I'm sticking to my Glitter Glue!


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