Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I got snow. For the record, I live in the southeast of the US. It's not 'normal' for us to have snow at all! The weirdest part is it's sticking.

At least around where I live.

Anywho, have some snow pictures... I took these at about 4 PM EST.
Yep. This is my backyard.

I'll do my smudge tests of my 24/7 pencils this week and I'll only be able to give you all a review of one gel liner since I got sidetracked by a bodycon tank dress.

In my defense, it's a cheaper version of Black Milk's $95AUD/$83USD dress. Which, if you live in Australia, you can get free shipping. If I could get anything from them, shipping would likely kill me. Ze Boyfriend would also likely be upset that I spent a large amount of money on one dress/pair of leggings.

I did buy something from Australia last year, which was a skirt and shirt so I think I got a better deal there than I would with BM. (I'm aware they have amazing leggings, but the price is not kind to me! And I don't need super amazing leggings, I'll settle for decent.) I'll post about the skirt+top soon, because the girl I spoke to is a sweetheart and they have some really nice stuff!

I don't really like snow, only because it makes getting out of the house horrible. I can't stay cooped up.

PS: I AM DROOLING OVER SUPER SNEAKY URBAN DECAY SUMMER RELEASES. UGH. SO. MUCH. WANT. The sad thing is, my money will likely be going to getting a new iPod because I've been having "unfixable" problems with it recently. (Head, meet desk!) The major thing I'm after is a palette that looks nice. UD is naturally denying stuff; who cares? NAKED3 was leaked and shortly after, they tried to shrug it off as "Oh, our palette got leaked? Psh, whatever... We had these promos sitting around..." I'm just happy to see that their Quickie blush (blue-based, bright bubblegum pink) from the Anarchy Face Case is being released in a Naked Flush palette. I adore Quickie.

PPS: You may have noticed I added a Favicon to the blog! It's just a little bat, heehee.


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