Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's Talk about TAT!

I want to talk about TAT, which is short for Turn Around Time.

Basically, it's the approximation of time for your order to be completed.

Long explanation: when you order from an indie cosmetics company, you might see a notice on the front page or in the header about TAT. This is an approximate time frame of days for your order (and others) to be completed.

With small companies, for example Darling Girl which is only one woman (glitter fairy Susan), the TAT is an important thing to grasp. She's filling orders on her own, which she's stated on the Darling Girl Facebook. You won't get your order shipped out immediately or completed super soon, because your order is in a queue with others. It doesn't mean the company doesn't want your support, they may have more than one job! The TAT gives them some wiggle room to work around and you an approximation of when your order will be completed.

You might have shades in your order that are also in someone else's order. Everything has to be measured and packed up for your order along with others that have the same shades or different shades. There might be a problem with ingredients, packaging or personal issues. Its just what happens and as much as all of us hate it (including the owners and other people working for the brand), it just happens.

Your order won't necessarily take the full time listed, but could be completed within the time frame or long before! I read an interesting post on the official Fyrinnae blog, another indie company that has a few helping hands, about TAT. Orders placed with Fyrinnae are completed much faster than the TAT listed! The reason they post such a hefty TAT is because if it was any shorter, they'd possibly get a flood of orders which causes a backlog and then the orders don't get out quickly. And no one likes that, right?

Don't worry if your order hasn't updated in a few days with a small company that has a TAT. They're working hard to fill out multiple orders and get them shipped out! You'll certainly get your products; I'd only say worry when your order takes much longer (like a month or more, yikes!) than the TAT listed at the time the order is placed. I'd be scared if I had to wait a month for products. I'd also likely forget till it either arrived or I got an email about the order shipping. (Yep, I'm forgetful ~ )

You can probably guess I'm going to have some Darling Girl products coming. I'm waiting till the 3rd of February for Chinese New Year to be over before I order. This has nothing to do with Darling Girl, it's because I'm buying gel eyeliner for my brows. Might as well knock out two birds with one stone, right?


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