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Smudge Test for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

It's time for the smudge test! This test is to see how these eyeliners hold up on their own and with eyeshadow on top with just rubbing as well as how they stand against water and soap+water.

These don't last against a simple eye makeup remover (I use Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover) or skin-friendly oils (jojoba, sweet almond oil, etc) so no need to show those results!

I'm testing Perversion, Zero, Ransom, Woodstock, Junkie, Radium and Electric. I'll be using some different shadows on top of them, because I have different shadows that match the liners. Yay!

L to R: Perversion, Zero, Ransom, Woodstock, Junkie, Radium, Electric (no flash)
L to R: Perversion, Zero, Ransom, Woodstock, Junkie, Radium, Electric (flash)
First let's look at the shades on their own; over bare skin, no shadows, just the liners. I'm not using primer because I have worn these without primer (sometime I'm lazy and just want liner to go out). I personally didn't find a lot of change in wear but when I'm feeling lazy, I'm not too concerned about my eye makeup fading. On lazy days too, I'm probably not going to be out for long either! I don't have terribly oily lids personally, so your mileage may vary.

Shadow will help keep these on better, unless they're lackluster in terms of performance (like Electric, which I mentioned in the review of these!). I'm going to start with Perversion, because it's a favorite and I'll be adding bonus tests using two duochrome shadows plus some "non-matching" shades (such as lavender on top of Ransom!). I have waaaaay too many black eyeshadows by the way. They aren't all the same though in terms of color/undertone and type (matte, glitter/shimmer, satin, etc). All eyeshadows were applied in the order listed. The first swatch in each photo is the eyeliner on it's own and rubbed lightly with my finger.
Left to Right: No shadow; Black Market; Adios; Creep; Oil Slick; Datura; Secret Weapon. They hold up pretty well with just shadow!
Only water and lightly rubbed with the pad of my finger.
Bar soap + water. Initially I only lightly rubbed, which lightened it from what it looked like in the water test. I rubbed with a little more pressure and this is what resulted. Sorry for the blur!
Perversion is the ultimate black eyeliner (in my opinion) and in terms of color! It's a matte black and I love it. For the test, I have Black Market (Urban Decay Vice Palette), Adios (discontinued tokidoki Adios quad), Creep (Urban Decay NAKED Palette), Oil Slick (Urban Decay The Ammo Shadow Box, pre-reformulation), Datura (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrate), and Secret Weapon (Jessie's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust). Told you I have a lot of black! Obviously, this didn't hold up terribly well. Sad...
L to R: No shadow; Black Market; Adios; Creep; Oil Slick; Datura; Secret Weapon. They hold up better than Perversion with just shadow.
Only water and lightly rubbed with the pad of my finger. HUGE difference between Zero and Perversion.
Bar soap + water. Same procedure as with Perversion and JEEZ, Zero is nuts.
Zero is your average black eyeliner; creamy, decent pigment and slightly satiny. You can see the different between Zero and Perversion. Zero will use the same shades as previously listed in Perversion. As you can see, Zero held up better than Perversion. To be honest, I thought this would be the other way around! I had to use a little almond oil to remove it after further washing with soap and water.

As you can see, I messed up the flash photo! Oops. L to R: No shadow; Lavender; Vice; Poison Plum; Grifter; Last Call
Water and lightly rubbed only. Pretty impressive!
Bar soap+water. STILL really impressed. Sorry about the blur in the non-flash photo.
Ransom, a discontinued shade and like just about every purple eyeliner I've run across (not perfectly pigmented), has a variety of shades to layer on top. Testing with Lavender (Wet n Wild's Going in the Wild Palette), Vice (Urban Decay Vice Palette), Poison Plum (Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow), Grifter and Last Call (Urban Decay The Ammo Shadow Box, pre-reformulation). Last Call isn't technically purple; it's more like a red-toned plum but comes off sort of pinky in swatches. It's a shade I wore heavily when I got the Ammo palette. Despite Ransom being an underdog, I am blown away. I, once again, had to use almond oil to remove the swatches. I have a new way to wear Ransom though!

L to R: No shadow; Woodstock; Birthday Suit; Dollipop; Noise; Pink Glitz
Water and light rubbing. Dollipop and Noise are seriously strong!
Bar soap+water. Dollipop is still going strong in the center! But my camera just hates me tonight.
Woodstock is a rather sheer, red-toned, hot pink with slight sheen. This will be tested with Woodstock (Urban Decay Eyeshadow Single), Birthday Suit (NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow), Dollipop (Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow), Noise (Urban Decay Vice Palette), and what might be Pink Glitz (Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust). If you're wondering why I don't know the shade name, the barcode label holding the jar closed has the shade name on it. It's not easy to cut up and put the name piece on the jar. Bugger.

L to R: No shadow; Junkie; Mint
Water and light rubbing. Really strong shade ~
Bar soap+water. Really impressive staying power! The best of all the shades ~
Junkie is a beloved pencil. Gold and green glitter-infused teal pencil that leans blue while being somewhat green. Love it ~ But I don't really have shades that match! I only have Junkie from the Vice palette to layer on top as a perfect match and the Mint shade from Wet n Wild's Going in the Wild palette as a fun little test. Looking at these photos, can you really be surprised why I love this pencil?!

L to R: No shadow; Chaos; Unhinged
Water and light rubbing. Pretty powerful, am I wrong?
Bar soap+water. Still pretty dang powerful!
Radium is the blue pencil I regular used on my brows when I had teal hair. It's medium blue with silvery shimmer that, next to its turquoise cousin Electric, becomes sapphire. I have Unhinged and Chaos (Urban Decay Vice Palette), neither of which are particularly close to the pencil, but it still looks pretty nice. I actually use Chaos with NYX's Samantha.

L to R: No shadow; Unhinged; Sharp
Water and light rubbing. Holding up semi-decently.
Bar soap+water. Better than Perversion and Woodstock, but

And now my disappointment, Electric. It's a bright turquoise sans any shimmer that I would love a whole lot more if it actually stayed put on my waterline. I have Unhinged from the Vice palette and Sharp, a light blue Shadow Dip from CQ. (The CQ Shadow Dip is actually one of the very first eyeshadows I ever owned!) I really don't have many blue eyeshadows, to be honest...

So the best performers were Junkie as the star, Radium coming in second followed by a tie between Zero and Electric with Ransom coming in last. Perversion and Woodstock were very poor performers but Dollipop really held Woodstock down.

To see the original review of these shades, click here. These pencils are available at Sephora, Ulta and UrbanDecay.com. They go for $19 and I can highly recommend them for their colors and staying power on the eyes with primer but there are cheaper options that are comparable. These are just what I have on hand and what I will probably always end up buying when I can afford to. The pencils are super long and I don't find a lot of product waste when I sharpen them, so I don't go through them rapidly! Which is always good with a pencil eyeliner.


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