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Review: TOKYOMILK/ DARK Limited Edition Femme Fatale Trio by Margot Elena

Let's talk about TOKYOMILK/ DARK and why I am madly in love with this beautiful, dark Victorian-esque line of perfumes, lotions, and lip care.

I love my tiny teacup!
You may prefer the regular TOKYOMILK line by Margot, or you may prefer one fragrance from TOKYOMILK/ DARK, or even a whole other line by Margot!

Personally, I am madly in love with TOKYOMILK/ DARK. When Sephora started carrying the line, I thought I was going to die of excitement. I have been in love with the names, packaging, font, and graphics ever since I heard about it from a magazine.

The Femme Fatale trio is from the Femme Fatale collection of perfumes for TOKYOMILK/ DARK. It was part of Sephora's Black Friday sale back in 2012, the trio going for $10 when you normally pay about $36 for a full-sized bottle of one perfume! (And those bottles are enormous.) Obviously, I had to jump on that deal.


Femme Fatale comes in this cute and very charming cylindrical box that's smoky gray. The front is very simplistic, baring only the name of the trio and the "TOKYOMILK DARK" name. Turn the box around there's a white label with the names of the perfumes, their corresponding numbers and what's in the scent. There is a blurb here about the perfume:

"Unexpected essences crushed and distilled.
A remarkably uncommon sensory experience.
3 alluring fragrances in a limited edition sample size."

At the bottom is my favorite part of the label. "ARE YOU CURIOUS? WWW.TOKYO-MILK.COM" is written on the label. Heehee. The top of the box, which has a clear window with "TOKYOMILK DARK by Margot Elena" on it in a pretty baroque frame, was held closed by the label which I carefully cut to open up the box.
In no real order...
The three fragrances you receive are Tainted Love No. 062, Bulletproof No. 045 (get it?), and La Vie La Mort No. 090. These all come in a small rollerballs with shiny black metal caps. If I'm not mistaken, La Vie La Mort means "The Life, The Death." It's such an interesting name... I'm going to break down each perfume individually now.

Tainted Love No. 062 is a favorite. It's a dark sweetness but playful and light. It's wearable at any time since its not quite as dark as Bulletproof No. 045. You do smell some of the Dark Vanilla Bean and I think the Sandalwood on first smell. It does change, but keeps its dark sweet edge pleasantly throughout wear. I think this one might wear the least well.
Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood.

Bulletproof No. 045 is probably a hands-down favorite. It's favored by Ze Boyfriend too! The reason I love it so much is because it's like a sweeter, woodsier gun smoke. There is a very smoky base here, which I attribute to the Smoked Tea. It's dark, sensual and mysterious in my opinion, a lovely evening scent that opens up from sweet gun smoke to a pleasant woody smoke. Obviously, I'm not saying you can only wear it at night—wear it whenever you want.
Notes: Smoked Tea, Coconut Milk, Crushed Cedar, Ebony Woods.

La Vie La Mort No. 090 is a least favorite but I still wear it. I'm not a florals person and this is a lovely bouquet of florals that brings to mind Versailles. It's a highly sophisticated scent, one I wear when I want to feel sophisticated or am going out to nice restaurant. It's very heavy when you smell it from the rollerball, but lightens up on the skin. I do immediately smell tuberose on this and a little jasmine in the background. I don't really find this one changing as much as the others when I wear it, but the tuberose does lighten up as I wear it.
Notes: White Tuberose, Cardamom, Hibiscus Leaf, Jasmine.

I find all three wear for several hours (Tainted Love might be the weakest in wear), going from full intensity that Ze Boyfriend can smell them sitting close to me to I can smell them without overpowering anyone! Besides, no one should smell you before you enter a room, they should smell you when they hug you!

Each of the scents listed are permanent to the Femme Fatale collection. They offer full-sized roller balls for your purse in neat cigar tube packaging ($9) and the full sized bottles ($36) which will look lovely on your dresser or vanity. They also carry hand lotions in two sizes ($9 or $22).

PS: I bought another TOKYOMILK/ DARK $10 set from Sephora for Christmas. It came with a pretty nice little lip tint and Tainted Love No. 62 in a sweet tin. It's epic looking! I'll have to carry this around with me and re-use this great little tin. (Don't know for what though; I have a little lipstick case and I keep my earrings/body jewelry in little tins shaped like cupcakes.)


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