Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nyx: Goddess of Night

Nyx has to be one of my favorite Greek goddesses (maybe my only one?). The personification of night, said to be extremely powerful and beautiful but she is largely unseen.

A woman of mystery and one whose name is on a great, affordable cosmetics band!

For this look I opted for a galaxy/nebulae with a lot of stars and bright colors commonly seen in nebulae images. Technically, galaxy printed items (such as clothes) aren't galaxies so much as nebulae. But who is really going to remember to type "nebulae" when searching for galaxy printed leggings?

Personally, I like this one best.
As with Hades, I'm not doing a tutorial. This is simple but it's also time consuming! I'm editing images with special backgrounds and altering my eye color on top of it all. Its so tedious! This time, I use Paint.NET instead of my usual Photoshop. 
Semi-bad nebulae/galaxy background!
Another favorite but ugh, that background.
Most of my makeup is also Sugarpill and a little Urban Decay with some Wet 'n' Wild. I have purple lipstick and it's exciting ~ (Although, it looks pretty gothic.) I ended up using one of my WnW Painter's Palettes they released for last Halloween. Sadly, I never got to use it for my Halloween tutorials or even do my Halloween tutorials!


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