Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hades: God-King of the Underworld

I was bored. I like Greek mythology.

I'm not doing a tutorial, this is so painfully simple. (Or maybe it isn't and I'm nuts?) I just wanted to do this because I can.
Hades, god-king of the Underworld and a mischief maker
 Hades is god-king of the Underworld. Why a god-king? I'm not quite sure. If you want more information, you'll have to do that research on your own.
Why are you interrupting me?
My fangs are Scarecrow Subtle Small Fangs. These are custom fitting caps that you fit to your teeth in a, oh, about three easy steps. You can buy them here. Best fangs I have ever had and I love them dearly. (Might be time for a new pair though!)

Don't piss me off.
Earrings are 16 gauge spirals from the Lai and Mark/FakeGaugeOrganics on Etsy; I love their work and they do sell real gauges as well as fake in organic materials. Horns are Hair Horror Horns by Kreepsville 666.

Yes, that thing on my arm is a tattoo. Say nothing. No, I'm not the best ever at photo editing in Photoshop. I'm learning.


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