Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Valentine's Day & I'm NOT Wearing Red

Or pink. Instead I'm wearing purple! Black! Silver!

You probably think that's a really bizarre combination.

The purple is my dress, the only "non-patterned" casual dress I own. The other three are a Ruby Rox houndstooth dress, an H&R London cherry-print dress, and one of Hellbunny's popular, industrial zipper-front party dresses (which has a zipper print). I'm not a fan of wearing patterns often and those look best paired with heels or black boots.

I can't wear my heels, and don't want to wear my black boots. Why? Because it snowed again this week and while you might think that would be a pretty Valentine's Day, it wasn't. It's melted away; we only had snow Tuesday/Wednesday, in a thick blanket. Please, make it STAHP! It's wet and gross outside now.

Anyway, the silver is actually from my makeup: a black/silver traditional smokey eye with a little extra silver sparkle for fun—I think it brightens the eyes and the iridescence is nice. Maybe try it next time you do a smokey eye ~ Ze Boyfriend loves the smokey eye but I rarely ever do it. It's not day-appropriate, and I don't really think of it for events. I don't want to be same-old,same-old. (I'm also trying to figure out how wearing only black eyeshadow that's blended out, no other noticeable colors, is a smokey eye?! It's just black eyeshadow and eyeliner?! WTF?!) This about as dressy or as pretty as I can get for a wet and cold Valentine's Day. (I did at least curl my hair!) It wasn't this bad last year. I apologize for the shabby iPod photos. (*cries in shame*)

To take the gross outside away, I'm making raspberry cheesecake brownies and staying inside with him for the weekend. 

I hope you have a good Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day. And there's Cheap Candy Day on the 15th, so even if you're alone, feel free to stock up on cheap, tasty candy!

Have a look at my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue review, since I used it today, and a look at our 5AM shenanigans over text.
Aren't we just lovely?

Happy Valentine's Day.

PS: My stuff from eBay still hasn't arrived and I blame our weather and the post offices in China being backed up with stuff from the break during the Spring Festival. I had to set aside getting any Darling Girl goodies but I have patience. Maybe for my birthday! Also... Have you SEEN the new Sugarpill brushes?! The eyeshadow brush might be a little too big for my eyelid but maybe for sweeping on all over color. I'm mainly interested in the Tapered Blending & Crease brush. ♡♡♡ I really want one, since I refuse to buy MAC's brush and the only other blending brush I have in that size is really weirdly sparse. It's not much of a blending brush or really... Much of a brush at all. But! $26 for a brush isn't horrible (I have seen worse for a brush) plus it's cruelty free and adorable. I'm actually glad Sugarpill doesn't have a brick-and-mortar store, no tax ~

PPS: I hate the Blogger mobile app.


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