Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: OCC Metallic Lip Tar in Batty (Limited Edition)

When Batty first came out, I didn't know it was limited edition. I only knew I loved it and that the name alone was a reason to buy it.

Thankfully, someone was selling one on eBay!
This is one of my first few Lip Tars. I've only swatched them before but I really love them. I'm overwhelmed by the selection of shades and formulas (Stained Glosses, the original Mattes, and the Metallics). Their multi-use ability is also stunning! (Just DO NOT use them on the eyes! They contain peppermint oil!)
Like my poorly drawn bats?
 Lip Tars come in a tube with a needle-nose tip and a mini version of their #010 Precision Lip Brush. Lip Tars are now sold in little vinyl pouches with an instruction sheet, the Lip Tar and the lip brush. Convenient! Now you can travel with your Tar and a brush without worrying. Previously, you only got the Lip Tar but since OCC teamed with Sephora, they started selling them in the pouches. Yes, you can get the pouch and brush with your Lip Tar directly from OCC's website if you don't want to shop at Sephora.

Close up of the tip
Batty is from the Sci-Fi Lullabies collection of Spring 2013. The collection was an homage to H.P. Lovecraft, Blade Runner (and the novel that its loosely based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric  Sheep?), The Fifth Element, and other sci-fi genre authors and pieces. The new Dune Generation collection pays homage to the novel Dune, a really interesting book and movie. I'm a little put-off because there was no reference to the geriatric drug Melange, also known very well as the spice.
Please note this is WAY too much Lip Tar!
Blended out. Since this is (accidentally) blurry, you can see the sparkle in it!
Batty itself is a reference to the main antagonist of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Blade Runner, Roy Batty (spelled Baty in the novel). The shade is a lovely black with silver glitter. The formula is a just a little bit gritty from the silver glitter as the black base wears away, but its not as bad as I found Lovecraft to be. I think the glitter is better suspended in the Tar, leading to less grit. It is sheer, but with an appropriate lip pencil (NYX makes one, as does OCC), or if you're like me, eyeliner, can make it much better as can layering. Using actual eyeliner (not a multi-purpose pencil), as useful as it is for black lips, is rather drying. It really isn't something I did terribly often. It's up to you how you apply your Lip Tar. For me now, for intense black lips, I like to use NYX's Black Berry Slim Lip Pencil--it's so creamy and smooth. For less intense lips, I'll wear it with just clear liner.

You literally only need the tiniest drop you can manage. If you aren't satisfied with the result of one drop, then you can layer on a little bit more. Just work slowly and squeeze carefully!

I love Lip Tars and I love Batty. Despite it's sheerness, it's still a wonderful shade. It's fun, it's weird, it is truly me. Batty was a limited edition shade back in Spring 2013, so Sephora and OCC no longer carry it. I, however, found it on eBay from efreshbotanica. I do recommend them, they have various Lip Tar options with free shipping. There are shipping exclusions for Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Italy and Spain. I'm sorry for those of you who live in those areas and want Batty!


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