Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review to Come: SKIN79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream

I LOVE BB cream! I mean it! Specifically, I love Korean BB cream.

I learned about BB creams from Izzy (aka Muse) @ Musings Of a Muse. She's pretty awesome in my opinion, because she does great reviews and is incredibly informative. She also does tons of reviews on Asian beauty products. You can see her reviews for Korean products here and Japanese products here. She was part of the reason I got into these products, because the packaging is just so insanely cute and they do have some great products for small amounts.

Now I'm not going to go extremely in-depth about BB cream. She has a full explanation here. In the most basic terms: your BB should be able replace moisturizer, SPF, foundation. Many have the ability to help with acne, as well as whitening ingredients or to help reduce scars. It should have anti-aging. The Asian branded BBs have these functions but Western "BBs" fall short of these things.

The Asian BBs have a creamy consistency and some are watery (which there are BBs that are labeled with water, watery, etc!), thinner but most have nice coverage. The Western "BBs" are more like tinted moisturizers in the fact they lack the things real BB cream would do: anti-aging, taking care of acne, moisturizer, most lack coverage and don't have very good SPF or none at all! In a nutshell, many Western "BBs" are just tinted moisturizers with "BB cream" slapped on top. Izzy has reviewed so many and give you a variety of options.
(Source:; $29.90)
You might be wondering what all this has to do the SKIN79 BB Cream. I spent a lot of time looking up reviews and information for various brands and their products. I settled on SKIN79 because I liked the brand, liked what I saw and found, and they offer a gift set of minis: one in pink and one in black. I chose the black gift set which had the Hot Pink, Gold VIP, Diamond and Diamond Luminous in 5g tubes. I used all four but I stuck with the Hot Pink and Gold VIP BB creams. The two Diamond Collection ones had shimmer in them, were super thin and would make a great highlight on the brow, nose bridge, Cupid's bow, and on the cheeks. I liked both Hot Pink and Gold VIP, they blended perfectly into my skin and I honestly wanted to buy both!

I've settled on the Hot Pink BB since summer will be coming on soon for me and my face turns into an oil slick. So not a pretty sight... My current foundation is rather heavy for the summer and feels like a mask on with all the heat, sweating and oil.
I ordered my BB cream through Amazon, from Pink Gelee after going through maybe 5 sellers and going through eBay. I found positive reviews for Pink Gelee having real product but Amazon frustrated me so much. I read review after review on Amazon for the sellers I had looked at and noticed almost all of them had many of the exact same pictures and the same reviews across the board! So frustrating! I turned to Google to find reviews of Pink Gelee and they were positive, noting they had received real product. SKIN79 also changes their packaging for the Hot Pink BB frequently. They added a security sticker on the back of the bottle in (I believe) 2010 and changed the bottle and box from "Wrinkle Free" (which makes me laugh) to "Wrinkle Improvement" in 2012! So if any of your bottles when you buy them say "Wrinkle Improvement" and not "Wrinkle Free," it's after 2012.

There are a variety of things to determine whether or not you have a real bottle. Since SKIN79 changes their packaging so often, as states above, they keep certain markers to identify a real bottle. I'll post about those when I get my package. WHOO I GOT MY PACKAGE.


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