Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: HbG x FAIRYDROPS Limited Edition Pink Mascara

Normally I don't buy limited edition products. It's just stressful. Annoying. Tracking down the product, hoping its in stock, hoping its not only available online.

Noooooo, thank you!

This is one exception to that. It was convenient for once! I also do want to try out FAIRYDROPS other formulas. I'm interested in their Platinum ones and the "original Japanese formula." Anywho, HbG is a Japanese fashion magazine that gives out cute bags with their magazines. Want!!!! Unfortunately, I don't really know what HbG means! (I think HamburGirl? No idea why though)
Cute, right?
The side panel
So being this is both limited edition and a collaborative mascara, we have super cute packaging! I assume that this would normally hang on a wall display-like setup. This doesn't come in a box like Scandal Queen did. It comes on a card, with bands of black, purple and pink covered in stars and polka dots. There's information on both sides and the color clearly stated with a little circle that also shows the color. Wish more mascaras were packaged this way! Apparently, this mascara is only ¥1,995 (JPY) which comes to about $20.67 (USD). Not a bad price!

The tube
Comparison of HbG x FAIRYDROPS and FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen
The tube is completely different from normal. The regular packaging has a design of hanging diamonds, ribbons, strings of pearls, eyes, and just very interesting to look at. Instead, the tube is pink with red stars over black stripes on the handle. The tube is banded with black, purple and pink with the HbG logo on the black band and its mascot at the bottom. I guess HbG or FAIRYDROPS really love stars and polka dots! They're all over the tube. It's not my favorite design but its not a bad design.
Top: FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen; Bottom: HbG x FAIRYDROPS
This is their straight brush, not my favored curved one of theirs. Not a problem; its just a slightly different brush but its the same beloved brand. This brush has the same oval ball-shapes on it though; I personally think they help. It might be a less intimidating without the curve and more user-friendly for a first-timer. (I really had no idea how to hold the brush on Scandal Queen for the maximum benefits at first.)

The formula is thick but so creamy. It's not too dry, its not too wet. It's a wonderful creamy-feeling mascara! And its a perfect pink color too. This actually works on my jet-black lashes, turning them pleasantly pink. I didn't get it from root-to-tip, but I'm terrified of poking myself in the eye (been there, done that, please not again!) and certainly I'm not the greatest at applying mascara. I did get it on the tips and my lashes went from so-so to HELLO DOLL-EYES! I was, admittedly, a skeptic of how well this would work. I guess unnecessarily! Most Japanese girls have black lashes, don't they? The people behind FAIRYDROPS really know what they're doing to create perfectly pink lashes for dark lashes!
Bad photo of bare lashes heehee.
Left: bare lashes; Center: HbG x FAIRYDROPS (two coats); Right: HbGxFAIRYDROPS (two coats)
Now removal... This was rather hard! I know the packaging states this is a waterproof, "film type" mascara but wow! I've never used a waterproof mascara before in my life, so this was an eye-opener. Oddly, the packaging also says that it can be removed with warm water but I found that to be actually difficult. Good thing for watery eyes or if you're going to an event where you might cry but its a bit of a bad thing to remove. It only took two tries through the warm water method but it really stuck around there.

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