Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Store Review: Pretty & Cute

Yay! I got my HbG x FAIRYDROPS mascara from Pretty & Cute! It came today in a small cardboard box, shockingly enough (was expecting an envelope to be honest!). Before I review the mascara, I'm going to sort of review them.

This is my first time buying from an independent e-store focusing on Asian brands, and the first based in the US. Most of my cosmetic purchases, specifically the Japanese and Korean purchases, are done through eBay, rarely Amazon.
This is actually a scan of their business card
Pretty & Cute is a pretty well-known e-store for Japanese and Korean cosmetics. They're based in Portland, Oregon in the US with a brick-and-mortar store. If you live in Portland or close by, go check them out for your Asian cosmetic fix!

Now I know people recommend them, but they didn't have much I wanted when I first got on their site and the mobile site bugged me. It wasn't a bad site but it was a little limited feeling. Their prices are lower than Sasa, a beloved staple for girls seeking Asian brands. Admittedly they have a smaller selection but its a great selection. Holika Holika, Lioele(I think they might have a partnership), FAIRYDROPS, Etude House, etc.
Desktop screenshot
Two shots from the mobile site. Left is what it looks like when you first open the page. Right is a view of the menu but not the whole menu.
Pretty & Cute has a very fluffy*, pink website with an easy-to-navigate layout. Both the mobile site and the desktop site are easy to use but I really prefer the desktop. One small I gripe I have with the mobile site is you can't read reviews on products. I can go on a desktop computer and look, but sometimes that's inconvenient for me. It's okay though. Two aspects I really like: their points/reward system and how fast orders are completed!
Screenshot of their rewards program
Sign up, make an account, and buy anything on the site. Your account will be credited with points based on the dollar amount before shipping. The points can be redeemed for products; every product on the site has the point-cost clearly stated on its page. The account benefits are tiered and really nice!

Now to my order and why I love the speed of it. I ordered Sunday night, after making an account Saturday night/Sunday morning. I used the coupon code I received for making my account and the mascara came down from $20 and some change to $15-something (with shipping!). I also picked a sample for my order; lots of good options! I chose the Lioele V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack, something I've wanted to try when my skin is at its worse (meaning winter). On Monday I received an email that the order had shipped. Pretty & Cute says in their F.A.Q. that they ship out orders at the soonest possible time. It only took three days to arrive at my door in a little cardboard box packed full of peanuts. From Portland to Atlanta in just three days with the basic economy shipping.

Obviously, I'm happy! I really like P&C so far. I hope to order more! I do recommend them and I might join their affiliate program while still buying products ~ Something I want to try is Holika Holika's Peach Girl BB Cream.

I'll review the HbG x FAIRYDROPS mascara as soon as I can use it. Reviewed! Yay!

*Fluffy - a term I use to refer to pink, really girly websites with a lot of sweet lolita stylings or other pink and girly things.


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